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Laika Mоbile Connectivity (member of Laika Media Group, Finland) introduces the Russian platform for content-providers WINGS

Laika Mobile Connectivity was established on the basis of international content-provider Jippi, one of the first leaders of Russian mobile content market acquired by Finnish Laika Media Group in 2006 year.

At present time Laika Mobile Connectivity is an SMS-traffic aggregator with direct connections to 30 mobile operators in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

At the new stage of development of Laika Mobile Connectivity there was a necessity to expand the range of provided services, to offer more convenient and diverse aggregation protocols to customers, to improve service quality and provide higher reliability and fault-tolerance of provided services. To solve the above-mentioned tasks, it was decided to introduce WINGS technological platform as an aggregation solution.

 «Built-in flexibility of the WINGS platform enables fast implementation of any protocols, provides easy integration with 3rd party systems. The platform provides stable operation at the high load and scales up when necessary», - emphasized Grigory Simonyan, technical director of WINGS».

The WINGS platform provides fuller customization of interaction with mobile operators in Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union, enables WAP-aggregation services providing in the future.


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