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SMS ON ELECTIONS: Russian WINGS Communication Server product was used for the calculation of votes in Mexico

Merkamobil the Mexican content- provider with the support and on the platform of Russian software developer WINGS Software House (WINGS) has provided during the latest presidential elections in Mexico the SMS- service for the prompt vote calculation to the ruling Party of People’s Action (PAN). 

On the 2 July 2006 the presidential elections took place in Mexico. There elections were remarkable for the high attendance rate- nearly 85% of the voting Mexicans came to vote- 40 million people. The main struggle was between Phillip Calderone- the candidate of the ruling Party of Peoples Action (PAN) and Lopez Obrador– the candidate of the oppositional Party of democratic revolution (PRD). The struggle was so tough that the voting prevalence for Calderone was 0,5%, only 200.ooo of votes. According to the Mexican law the elections should continue in the 1st round and the winner is determined with the simple majority of votes. In this way every vote mattered in the struggle.

The Federal Elections Institute of Mexico decided not to announce the preliminary results of the elections. The reason for that was that the methods for quick calculation of votes could not give precise information because of the minor difference in the number of votes because - if the difference was less then error threshold of the method. Nevertheless, in spite of these circumstances the Party of Peoples Action (PAN) won and made an announcement on the victory based on their own elections data.

Mexico occupies a large area in Latin America. It consists of 32 states, each of them has from 500 to 2000 polling stations, depending on the size of the state. The timely data collection and processing from observers of all the polling stations of the country would be impossible without high technologies. The mobile network coverage in Mexico is more than sufficient; the penetration is 47%. That is why the choice of mobile technologies by the Party of Peoples Action (PAN) was not occasional.

The mobile service on the online vote data collection and calculation was ordered by Party of Peoples Action (PAN) and was provided by the Mexican content- provider Merkamobil supported by Russian software developer WINGS Software House. During the bin opening and vote calculation the observers were sending SMS on the election results to the headquarters of the party. The SMS-service was developed as a step-by-step communication process between the observer and WINGS Communication Server in order to prevent any mistakes of observers during sending data. The observer was sending the primary SMS with the number of his polling station. Having processed his message, the system was sending a reply to the observer with a request to enter the number of votes for the PAN candidate. The observer of the party sent the respective number in his reply. Then the system was sending SMS with a request to enter the number of votes for the oppositional PRD etc.

The representatives of the Party of Peoples Action (PAN)  had the open access to the service statistics and they could see online the real data on elections. The consolidated data on the number of votes for each candidate were available all over the country as well as per state and per polling station.


  is a Mexican content- provider specializing in the development of interactive media- projects and feed back for the audience of Mexican TV- and radio channels ( the project encounters over 200 radio stations). In May 2006 the company has implemented WINGS Communication Server platform. It enabled the company to expand considerably the opportunities.