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Spartak Moscow Football Club provides mobile services on WINGS Communication Server platform.

Within the framework of “Spartak-Mobile” project Spartak Moscow Football Club started to provide mobile services to football fans. WINGS Communication Server solution of WINGS Software House Company was chosen as a technological platform for the project.

Spartak FC is the most popular football team in Moscow. In 2005 the average attendance rate of the domestic football matches of the team was 20000 people. According to the statistic research the team is actively supported by 15-18 million Russians, i.e., every tenth citizen supports the team; 189 thousand people are involved in the regional fan clubs with the official status of Russian Fan Clubs. Spartak FC pays special attention to the football fans. Spartak-Mobile project is the manifestation of the relations with fans.

By visiting the Spartak-Mobile website http://mobile.spartak.com, the football lovers will have a chance to download the photos of Spartak footballers on mobile phone, take part in surveys, voting and contests conducted by the club, send their wishes to the team or give an advice to the coach. The services are provided on the service number 1922 and are available for subscribers of Beeline, MTS and Megafon.

Earlier, Spartak FC had experience in providing mobile services by using partnership programs of content-providers. After familiarization with a standard set of services included in such programs, the club decided to organize its own resources, which would enable to independently develop and launch new mobile services.

The works on Spartak Mobile resource creation were carried out by Teleportal.ru’ company. The WINGS Communication Server solution by WINGS Software House Company was chosen as the main platform.

Konstantin Bogdanov, the technical director of Teleportal.ru company has commented on the choice of WINGS Software House solution:

The range of mobile services interesting for ordinary users and football fans is rather wide. Taking into consideration the dynamical football environment and the need to respond timely to the needs of the audience, our task was to choose a platform for further development. We have chosen WINGS Communication Server platform. The main reason for that decision was the clear system architecture, correct technical implementation, worked out interfaces, modularity and scalability, the convenience for developing new services as well as the rich positive experience of deployments.


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