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WINGS Communication Server platform will provide processing of SMS-votes of the TV- audience with the peak load of 200 SMS per second for SUPERSTAR.KZ - the national project of Kazakh television, produced by the Pop Idol license.

In late February “Interactive Media” (Kazakhstan) and WINGS Software House (Russia) companies signed a contract for the implementation of WINGS Communication Server platform for SUPERSTAR.KZ.- the mega- project of national Kazakh television.

The commercial operation of the platform will start on 17 March this year, alongside with the final tour of the contest. According to the contract the platform will process SMS-votes of TV- audience at the speed of 200 SMS per second.

SUPERSTAR.KZ is the 15th project in the world produced by the Pop Idol license. In Russia the license is used by the Russia TV- channel to produce People’s Artist show.

Taking into consideration the growing popularity of SUPERSTAR.KZ project this year the project organizers decided to provide the smooth reception and delivery of messages during the live broadcast at the speed of 200 SMS per second – says Grigori Simonyan, the Head of Development and Implementation Department of WINGS Software House Company.

In order to provide the performance of 200 incoming and outgoing SMS per second the system is scaled up to several servers and tested under the load. The connections to Kazakh mobile operators will be set up by the WINGS Software House experts.