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Bluetooth campaign: Shower cabin deliver content via Bluetooth. ORANGE PROMO uses WINGS BlueCell in promo action Dove

ORANGE PROMO has used WINGS BlueCell devices in the props shower cabin installed in supermarkets and on the streets of Russian cities. While near such shower cabine, you can use Bluetooth to download free funny pictures, ringtones, and videos promoting Dove go fresh product line.

When a mobile terminal owner is detected within the range, WINGS BlueCell device asks for mobile content upload permission. Where permitted, the device starts transferring data. You can choose to download a picture randomly selected by the device, or video, ringtone, etc. If you refuse to accept the content at any step, any further communication is blocked by the device. If your mobile phone is detected in Bluetooth delivery range again, the device doesn't issue any new requests.

For this promotion, WINGS BlueCell devices were specifically set up to communicate with any mobile phones within 10 meter range from the cabines. The devices ignore any mobile phones outside of 10 meter range. Any persons who couldn`t see the promotion stands don't receive any Bluetooth delivery alerts.

Dove go fresh product line promotion was launched on June 7, 2008. ORANGE PROMO will continue this promotion across Russian cities with over 1 million population during the next two months.


 ORANGE PROMO is a major advertising and BTL agency that has become synonymous with success and outstanding growth over the last seven years. The agency focuses on non-media advertising and integrated communications. Their client portfolio includes major Russian and international companies such as MTS, Unilever, SABMiller, Whirpool, and Pepsi. www.orange.co.ru

Dove go fresh product line is designed for young and active girls and women. The exciting new Dove go fresh line includes products such as cream shower gels, cream soap, antiperspirants, and many more. www.gofresh.ru