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Video: Kangaroo Mobile uses WINGS BlueCell to make user-selectable content available in Bluetooth marketing promotion

The visitors at the 15th International Salon York Show 2008 held on March 22-23, 2008 in Moscow could use their Bluetooth-enabled phones to download the York Show anthem, York video, and upcoming expo reminder, which was automatically added to their phone calendar (to remind the owner about the next salon).

York Show visitor pool usually remains the same in terms of segmentation and headcount. By using WINGS BlueCell devices to make user-selectable content available during the 15th Salon, Kangaroo Mobile was able to send content via Bluetooth to 70% more visitors than at the 14th Salon, which was held a month ago and offered Bluetooth delivery of non-selectable content. The downloaded content count increased by 2.6 times.

15th International Salon York Show 2008 video showcasing WINGS BlueCell technology that makes user-selectable content available for Bluetooth marketing:

Watch video http://video.rutube.ru/ce26551f2fc485d72d29c49bdecd44bc

Download video http://www.wsoft.ru/video/yorkshowmar2008.avi


WINGS BlueСell device makes it possible for users to download a variety of content types to their mobile phones via Bluetooth. WINGS BlueCell allows configuration of Bluetooth delivery logics, depending on time, location, length, and frequency of stay of a mobile phone within your device range, communication history, mobile terminal models, owner segmentation, signal level, device location, or other custom conditions.

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