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WINGS company presented solutions for automated client interaction on the basis of mobile technologies and technologies for speech synthesis and recognition at Svyaz-expocomm 2010 exhibition

This year “WINGS” company participated in Svyaz-expocomm exhibition held on May 11–14, 2010 at Expocenter Central Exhibition Complex, Moscow, for the first time. WINGS company presented its brand-new developments: a universal notification server (sms, calls, e-mail, fax, IM), a mass sending system, a mass ring round system, voice solutions based on speech synthesis and recognition:

- WINGS universal notification server provides a unified interface for interaction with existing and potential clients through any suitable channels: SMS, calls (with speech synthesis from text and speech recognition), faxes, MMS, e-mail, ICQ. Notification server positions as a single POP to all possible channels of communication with clients and does not require a separate integration with each transportation system. It provides a wide choice of protocols for prompt communication of customer networks to the notification server as well as an option to interact with clients, partners, colleagues through any channels convenient for them (interactive voice, text and multimedia communications);

- WINGS Bulk Calls mass ring-round system allows to hold campaigns through mass outgoing calls (telemarketing); to resolve the tasks as optimization of work in call-centres (operator reservation, mass ring-round of customers, connection of operator with interested clients only) and automate personal interaction with existing and potential clients (automated intellectual ring round without involvement of call-centre staff); 

- mass sending system is bundled software, which can be placed either at the customer’s equipment or at WINGS servers. When installed, the solution is connected with various operators and/or SMS providers (at the customers option, consultations can be provided by WINGS). The intellectual system chooses a sending channel per each SMS dynamically according to the channel occupancy, cost and priority of the message. In such a way the customer gets a personalised independent SMS sending system providing an opportunity to build its own partner (reseller) network;

- voice solutions based on speech synthesis and recognition: WINGS company offers services on construction, implementation and maintenance of voice services of any complexity with speech synthesis and recognition function. The company has vast experience in application of technologies for speech synthesis and recognition and works with various manufactures like Nuance, Vocative, Speech Technology Centre, Loquendo, Acapella, etc. To satisfy requirements of each project WINGS experts perform fine adjustment of dictionaries and grammars that enhances greatly quality of speech synthesis and recognition.

The visitors to the exhibition could also familiarize themselves with new versions of solutions already known to the market, including mobile banking, mobile Customers guide, WINGS ViziCell (Digital Signage), WINGS BlueCell for Bluetooth-marketing:

- mobile banking is a trusted solution providing for bank customers a convenient, affordable and easy-to-use instrument for managing their accounts through a Java-application installed in mobiles. The application enables customers to choose the desired action through a convenient interface, then automatically forms an SMS-message with the text required and asks the customer to send it. It is possible to send requests for a bank card issue or blocking, requests for balance, for transferring money for deposit, connect customer service, etc. directly through the application. The system ensures a prompt integration with any automated banking systems;

- mobile Customers guide* is a Java-application, a mobile analogue of a company's or a banks internet site; the guide can contain information on products and services, contact information, feedback page. The Guide is installed in the customers mobile hence being at hand at any moment of time unlike Internet site or paper brochures. The mobile Guide is distributed for customers free of charge through Bluetooth and WINGS BlueCell; 

*For Java-applications generation WINGS Company solutions may be used.

- WINGS BlueCell is a platform for Bluetooth-marketing, a safe, scalable solution available for construction of wide-scale distributed Bluetooth-networks. WINGS Blueell allows to browse various content for mobile through Bluetooth (games, applications, video, music, events for calendar, etc.). Content browsing is free of charge for customers and independent from mobile operators.

- WINGS ViziCell is an innovation solution enabling the users to reproduce simultaneously various video images, audio files, interact with the points of sale visitors by means of Bluetooth or touch screens. ViziCell is a solution for any company aiming to increase sales or market new products.

WINGS solutions are built on WINGS integrated multi-channel platform with over 80 implementations in 16 countries of the world. Thanks to its ability to support many mobile and Internet technologies (SMS, IVR, WAP, WEB, MMS, RBT, J2ME, USSD, Bluetooth) the platform serves as an integrated system with a single database and different channels for interaction with mobile phones owners. The platform is built on the basis of SOA architecture, enjoys a distributed scalable architecture and supports a load balancing between servers. Servers can work either in parallel mode for load balancing and fault tolerance or in mutex mode (backup). Due to the distributed architecture of the platform, the load supported, if required, can be easily increased only by servers adding. The platform consists of numerous independent functional modules (services), each one can be developed at a separate server. Several items of one functional module can work in parallel and even in different servers.