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Russian Company WINGS introduces its VAS-solutions on the Middle East market

WINGS Team including its CEO and CTO has visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the invitation of 2SHARE (Emerging Technology Co). Both the companies have signed a Sales, Co-operation and Technical Partnership agreement.   In the framework of the agreement 2SHARE will assume sales and promotion of WINGS Products including Payment Solutions, VAS-solutions for Mobile operators. The training for WINGS Product lines was delivered to the specialist’s team of 2SHARE.

2SHARE is a leading provider of voice based Solutions in the Arabic Language. 2SHAREs ASR solutions support most of the regional Arabic Dialects and peculiarities. The Company offers a wide range of solutions including Contact Centres, Hosted outbound and inbound call centres, Voice Portals, VAS-solutions, Mobile Application development.

Mobile Communication & voice services are very popular in Gulf Countries. People spend a lot of time on voice portals. They are widespread and popular in this region” said the vice president of 2SHARE, Eng Mr. Saud Al-Twalah. Elaborating more he said Russian Engineers are well known in our country due to their high skills, qualification and high tech development. In partnering with a Russian company we expect to gain leadership in new segments of Arabic telecom Market.

We took a keen interest in the offer from Saudi Arabia to promote our products in the Arabic region. We rely upon big and interesting implementations, even now we together bid for tenders provided by the mobile operators of the region Igor Starkov head of the WINGS has commented.  We are greatfull to the colleagues for the invitation to visit Saudi Arabia, an outstanding and exotic country for us.

In 2010 WINGS has implemented its Platform in 2SHARE, currently all the IVR services of the company has been shifted to WINGS Platform and new SMS services were also launched on this platform. Now the following IVR and SMS services are working on the WINGS platform:

·               A Portal for MBC TV Channel (a Famous Middle East TV Channel)

               Song as a Gift


               Interactive Songs contests

               Voice forums

               Jobs Enrolment and Questionnaire

               Sports Panel games

               Voting contests etc.

Additional information:

2SHARE (Emerging Technology Co.) is the first company in the Middle East and Arab World to research, develop and implement speech enabled IVR applications custom built for the local Arab market. It has invested over 50-man years to profound software development experience in speech applications for multi accents/dialects speakers. In the thrust of investing in new technology 2SHARE has partnered with Leading Technology Companies around the world. 2SHARE (Emerging Technology Co.) is proud to secure leading customers in the area of Finance, Travel, Government and Telecommunications. These customers have benefited from speech by driving their operational costs down, improving customer service and generating added revenues. 2SHARE is headed by its CEO Mr. Mansour Al Obaid who is having over 20 years of Industry experience in Telecom, Mobile and VAS market.  http://www.2-share.com/

WINGS platform is an integrated multitransport platform for providing mobile services based on SMS, IVR, WAP, MMS, USSD, STK technologies. The platform supports different kinds of MT-ratings, wap-click, wap-rating, wap-subscription, SMS-billing, sending out bulk SMS messages, SMS gateway, integration with RBT and etc. WINGS platform is an aggregator solution (SMS, IVR, RBT and etc.) and also includes a Partner program enabling the content-provider to increase considerably the income due to fast partner network building and micro-payments. WINGS platform has SOA-architecture. The flexibility of the platform enables to implement fast any protocols and envisages an easy integration with external systems. WINGS platform is a carrier-grade solution having all required mechanisms to provide the system fault-tolerance and reliability.