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VTB24 Bank implemented unified XML-interface to the corporate bank bulk SMS service based on WINGS notification system

VTB24 Bank has been cooperating with WINGS since 2007 when WINGS industrial platform was implemented. The specialists of different structural departments gained access to the multiuser bulk SMS portal of WINGS platform. Moreover, the platform was used by the bank as a single gateway to transfer SMS messages by the different information systems of the bank including “Telebank”, a remote banking system.

As an additional precaution since 2010 the users of online remote banking system have receiving one-time access keys to the system via SMS. The users should enter these access keys (passwords) to complete transactions (the transportation of the keys is done by WINGS platform via SMS).

Currently the implementation of a single unified XML API is completed. It enabled to transfer automatically into the notification system the XML-files containing information about subscribers, templates of text messages and delivery rules from internal bank systems including CRM system. Further the notification system forms bulk messages according to the given rules and delivers SMS messages to the customers. 

WINGS notification system is located on a cluster consisting of four servers. The cluster works on a standby mode in case of breakdown or failure of main servers, it shifts automatically to standby servers. In view of the big amount of SMS traffic the notification system distributes traffic among different SMS gateways automatically in case of any failure the system shifts to another SMS gateway. Due to the unified XML API all bank products can be easily supplemented by the notification service.

It is interesting to work with WINGS platform; it has a flexible and scalable architecture. The platform has proved its reliability and high productivity for 4 years of work, said Sergey Vrunov, head of evaluation and IT strategy division of UA DBIT VTB24 Bank, we expand our cooperation with WINGS: besides the launched SMS password service and implemented XML-interface, we are planning to supplement the notification service by email and voice components.

Additional Information: 

About Bank VTB 24    

VTB24 is one of the major players on the Russian banking services market. It is a part of the international VTB Bank Group and focus on servicing of individuals, private businessmen and small businesses. The Bank network includes more than 560 offices in large Russian cities.

VTB Group possesses a unique international network among Russian banks, with over 30 banks and financial companies in 19 countries worldwide. VTB offers comprehensive services to its customers in the CIS, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In the Russian market, VTB Group is ranked 2nd in all major indicators. With a presence in 19 countries, VTB has become a leading international financial group of Russian origin. VTB Bank’s major shareholder is the Government of the Russian Federation having in the face of the Federal Property Management Agency 75.5% of the share capital.

About WINGS platform

WINGS notification system enables to interact with customers through different channels: SMS, Email, HTTP and also make calls to the clients fixed phones or mobile phones, replay voice messages (speech synthesis from the text messages of the system is also supported) and send a fax.  The system easily integrates with various bank systems and CRM through HTTP(S), SOAP, JMS, SMTP, DB API protocols, by means of file exchange and also by SMS-gateways and SMSCs of mobile operators through SMPP, SMTP, HTTP(S), UCP/EMI, CIMD protocols. The system guarantees load balancing and high fault-tolerance.

WINGS industrial platform is an integrated multitransport platform enabling to deliver information to the customers through different channels: SMS/MMS, USSD, Email, calls (with speech synthesis support from the text), faxes. WINGS platform is a multi agent distributed system consisting of independent agents (modules) all or a part of which have direct data processing. The interaction among modules is built on asynchronous XML-message exchange.  JMS (Java Message Service) is used as a message bus. The system enables to filter, route and convert messages, generate messages by the specified schedule and deliver messages using any accessible channel. The further way of the message processing depends on its contents. It is possible to define both the initial structure of the system (system configuration, dataflow hierarchy, message processing rules, different system responses on events and etc.) and dynamic changes of the system structure (without restart, real-time) by the user-defined scenarios.

WINGS is a carrier-grade solution implementing all the required mechanisms of securing fault-tolerance and reliability. It is possible to upgrade the platform, change/update hardware without interrupting the customer service. The architecture of the solution provides high carrying capacity and scalability rate. The system has a service oriented architecture (SOA) based on industrial standards which enables to add rapidly its own components (agents) and define message processing rules.