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BCC Group has implemented SMS gateway on the basis of WINGS platform in JSC "Uzbektelecom"

Uzbekistan national operator JSC "Uzbektelecom" decided to expand the range of services for the corporate segment particularly for banks and to bring bulk SMS service to market by providing corporate clients with an access to a high-performance SMS gateway. BCC Group specializing in large-scale projects in the field of information and communication technologies has been invited to launch and manage the project. Having analyzed the market BCC Group experts chose WINGS platform, a carrier-grade solution for building applications and services based on SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR and WAP technologies. 

The highest priority has been given to the performance and reliability of the solution, which must operate 24x7x365. The solution must support SMS delivery by SS7 signaling protocols and include SMPP server acting as a gateway for connecting JSC "Uzbektelecom" clients. Moreover, the solution must support USSD technology, as it is meant to launch additional channels of interaction with subscribers. WINGS platform has satisfied all the requirements.

WINGS platform is based on SOA architecture and has a distributed and scalable architecture thereby if necessary the supported load can be easily increased by just adding more servers (horizontal scalability). The platform can be connected to any operator interfaces: SMPP, UCP / EMI, CIMD, MAP, HTTP(S), SOAP, MM7, ISUP, ISDN PRI, H.323, SIP and etc., besides it supports different interfaces for SMS aggregation including SMPP and HTTP.

WINGS has proved itself as a reliable technical contractor doing the work quickly and efficiently. They are experts in the field of mobile solutions and we look forward to our cooperation. WINGS has an interesting range of solutions, which we can offer to our clients ", - said Sergei Novikov, head of the BCC Group Custom Development Department.

WINGS platform is installed on a server cluster in the data center of JSC "Uzbektelecom". All the operations related to the installation, configuration and commissioning of the solution were performed by WINGS and BCC Group.

Additional information: 

BCC Group is a group of companies specializing in integrated solutions development and large-scale projects in the field of information and communication technologies and engineering. BCC Group is among 400 largest private companies in Russia.


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