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Leto Bank deployed WINGS platform which is used by the bank as a single SMS gateway and an integration server

Leto Bank, a VTB Group(a leading Russian financial group) bank specializing in consumer crediting, has finished the implementation of WINGS technological platform for providing mobile services based on SMS, IVR, USSD and etc.

WINGS platform is used as a universal SMS gateway deployed on bank’s side: it takes orders from bank systems to send messages and to form SMS according to configured patterns, completes message routing among mobile operators and providers, sends messages and monitors delivery statuses, operates as an integration server for different banking systems used as well for sending letters in paper, email, providing marketing campaigns and etc. The implemented platform is given the criticality level “Mission Critical”.

Considering Leto Banks business processes, it has been required not a simple SMS gateway but an intellectual platform able to provide high-speed processing and filtration of messages. Integration possibilities of the platform and a successful six-year experience of using WINGS system by VTB24 bank (VTB Group) were the key criteria of choosing this SMS system by bank specialists.

WINGS system is unique among current SMS solutions for banking sector. In the framework of one system it is possible to work with different channels: SMS, USSD, bulk calls using text to speech synthesis, email and etc. Other vendors are not ready to offer the banks a solution similar to WINGSs solution - neither banking system vendors, offering reliable but not so flexible or feature rich SMS-solutions, nor SMS service providers, offering the banks SMS systems originally developed for themselves and therefore not widely used, weakly documented and not transferable.

WINGS platform is a reliable and scalable solution adjustable to business needs. It has over one hundred implementations and is connected to more than one hundred mobile operators and aggregators all over the world, comments Igor Starkov, head of WINGS, Our team has gained an extensive experience of implementing and support of the system as well as customer training for ten years of implementation of the product.

WINGS provides a 24-hour technical support for Leto Bank. At the moment the bank is considering an implementation of WINGS platform USSD-module and outgoing calls using speech synthesis.

Among the clients of WINGS there are the following banks: Sberbank, VTB24, GE Money Bank and etc. WINGS is a leader in the Russian market of technological platforms for providing mobile services.

Additional information:

OJSC Leto Bank (full banking license of the Bank of Russia #650 from 15.10.2012) is a daughter company of CJSC VTB-24. Leto Bank specializes in consumer crediting in the chain of branches and partners points of sales. POS-credit sales began in August 2012 the first cash loan was given in October 2012. During 5-7 years Leto Bank is planning to develop sales network consisting of more than 1000 branches and several ten thousand offices in shops as well as to achieve dominant positions in internet and mobile banking. The aim of the bank team is to create for a few years a client database consisting of several millions of people and to have long-term partnership with them. Authorized capital of the bank comprises 214 million rubles, the amount of its own capital is 6615 million rubles. Hotline number: 8-800-550-07-70. Website: www.letobank.ru

WINGS is a leader in the Russian market of technological platforms for providing mobile services. The company is a developer of innovative software for mobile network operators, content and service providers, advertising agents and banks. WINGS provides an integrated technical solution and professional services: delivery, implementation, maintenance and administering of its own solutions, development of new services, staff training and considerable experience in supporting carrier-class systems. www.wings-solutions.com

WINGS platform is an industrial solution successfully operating in 30 countries of the world. This is a SOA-based solution characterized by flexibility, high productivity and reliability.

WINGS offers delivery, implementation and maintenance of the following solutions for banks:

· WINGS notification server provides a universal interface for cooperation with current and potential clients via different communication channels: SMS, USSD, calls (with text to speech synthesis support), email, faxes, push-notifications.

WINGS SMS gateway is a universal tool guaranteeing a reliable work with SMS messages for all information systems of the bank. It integrates easily into the bank infrastructure and does not require any changes of current information systems and applications. WINGS SMS gateway enables to have duplicate transmitting channels, monitor the quality level of SMS providers, switch over automatically to duplicate channels in case of necessity, choose a channel depending on the message priority, balance traffic load among different channels.

Bulk calls system enables to carry out bulk call campaigns (telemarketing). The principal tasks are the following: optimize the performance of contact centers (reserving an operator, client bulk calls, connecting an operator only with relevant clients), automatize personalized communications with current and potential clients (automatized intellectual bulk calls without engaging call center staff).

Sberbank, VTB24, GE Money Bank and etc. are the banks which have implemented WINGS platform.

More detailed information aboutWINGS solutions for banksis available http://www.wings-solutions.com/solutions/banks/