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ViziCell - sales efficiency increase

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a modern way of displaying advertisement or any other digital content on the screens installed in shops, restaurants, airports and other places. It enables to communicate well and easlily any information to the audience.

Digital Signage Advantages

  • Recall rate of the displayable dynamic content is 3 times higher than that of the static content on other advertising media.
  • Digital Signage use will enable to carry out simultaneously 5-7 advertising campaigns per week, unlike 1-2 advertising campaigns on paper media.
  • Digital Signage enables a direct contact with a consumer immediately before taking decision to buy the product or service and it plays a major role as according to many surveys only 50% of purchases are pre-planned.
  • Digital Signage enables to deliver targeted information by geographical principle, day of the week, time and other principles.
  • Displaying information in a digital format enables to avoid constant expenses on print production.
  • In case of low success of the campaign, the content on the screens can be changed in the shortest possible time.

According to International Marketing Retail Association POPAI Global implementation of modern Digital Signage technologies in selling points enables to increase sales more than by 15%. To achieve better results ViziCell solution comprised Digital Signage high technologies, Proximity-marketing tools and mobile technologies.

What is ViziCell?

ViziCell is modern industrial class software enabling to deploy its own Digital Signage network.

ViziCell solution enables to increase sales efficiency in selling points and service stores, stimulates visitors to buy the product or service immediately.

WINGS ViziCell solution comprises modern electronic POS (Point Of Sale) technologies:

  • Digital Signage including video advertisement on screens (Video Signage) and audio advertisement (Audio Signage);
  • Proximity-marketing technologies: Bluetooth, WiFi;
  • Mobile technologies: SMS, MMS, IVR, USSD, J2ME, WAP/WEB;
  • Interactive cooperation technologies such as sensor displays and wireless communications.

WINGS ViziCell solution is a modern, powerful publicity tool which guarantees a high level of visualization, wide sphere of use and also technologic simplicity in managing and setting up of the system equipment.

At the same time WINGS ViziCell is a product flexible and adjustable to any task, the customer decides by himself which components apply best of all to the realization of the project.

What is necessary for creating Digital Signage network?

As a rule, in order to create Digital Signage network the following components are used:

  • digital screens;
  • media players;
  • a server
  • Digital Signage software.

Digital screens

In order to display video information in Digital Signage there are used digital screens (for instance, LCD or plasma panels), as well as projectors. Digital screens can be placed on the walls, be a part of the lightboxes and information kiosks, can be equipped by touch screens and can be boarded out as video-walls. For audio broadcasting there are used sound systems and loud-speakers connected to the sound intensifier.

Media Player

The media player is a computer (usually of a small form-factor and a high-performance video card), responsible for the playback of multimedia content on the devices connected to it. One media player can maintain simultaneously several video and audio output devices located at a certain distance from each other. The choice of the media player depends on the planned exploitation conditions (accommodation, street, and transport), the content quality requirements (HD, Full HD), the required amount of screens and other parameters.


The server is a core component of Digital Signage network and serves to administer players, to update the content, to gather statistics from the players and for reporting. As a rule, the users are given remote access to the server through Internet.

Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software consists of two parts: a server part and a client part (working on the players). The server part provides the user with graphic interface to administer the whole Digital Signage network: monitoring of accessibility of the players, administering advertising campaigns, creating and transferring play-lists to the players, gathering statistics and many other things.

The software installed on the player provides playback of the play-lists by the rules set on the server and also provides statistics on playback of the multimedia content. The efficiency of Digital Signage network and the equipment depends directly on the quality of the software.


WINGS offers its own solution - advanced software for creating Digital Signage networks - WINGS ViziCell, and also provides full range of follow-up services:

  • Consulting on the choice and fitting of the equipment;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Staff training;
  • Marketing (research, analytics, monitoring);
  • Technical support.

Why ViziCell?

  • WINGS ViziCell is a reliable and productive industrial solution suitable for network deployment consisting of thousands of devices.
  • ViziCell is our own solution. We do not resell others' software. It means that:
    • We can quickly and efficiently improve the system according to the Customer's requirements and take into consideration Customer's wishes in the further development of the solution.
    • The solution can be integrated with the Customer's current IT infrastructure.
  • ViziCell is an innovative and technologic solution and includes subsystems for:
    • carrying out Bluetooth marketing campaigns;
    • interactive interaction with consumers via touch screens;
    • interaction with POS-equipment (theft-prevention equipment, scanners, pay-boxes and etc.);
    • interaction with multitransport WINGS platform supporting many telecommunication channels, such as SMS, MMS, IVR, WAP, USSD and etc.
  • ViziCell works on different equipment and under Linux and Windows operational systems. Moreover, we can port the solution to the Customer's equipment.

ViziCell Key Characteristics

  • display of different information on the screens: off-the-air TV, running letters, video and audio of various formats, animation, a text, automatically text update through RSS;
  • centralized remote management of ViziCell devices , content, campaign and ad view schedule management, remote software update, monitoring and trouble warning;
  • remote screen management (power on/off, sound level control and etc.);
  • screen division on sections, different play-lists for each section;
  • simultaneous replay of various content from different video outputs of the media player enables to serve a great number of screens with less number of players;
  • support of portrait and landscape orientation of screens, possibility to join screens in video walls;
  • content replay by the player even if there is no connection with the server (the whole content is stored on the hard disk of the player);
  • possibility to replay background audio apart from the video images;
  • instantaneous output of emergency messages;
  • combining players into groups, group player management;
  • statistics and a wide range of analytical tools;
  • forming of media plan, performance data reporting;
  • easy and clear user interface, different access levels;
  • administering subsystem which enables to administer players remotely;
  • economical use of Internet traffic; downloading continues in case of network disconnect; only new content download on the player, possibility to download the content on the player via external data carriers;
  • set up of the schedule and the speed of content downloading on the players;
  • interactive interaction by sensor screens via Bluetooth, WiFi;
  • use of additional devices: cameras, proximity detectors, scanners and etc.;
  • wide possibilities of integration with current solutions;
  • low cost of ViziCell basic equipment;
  • flexibility in choosing video and audio equipment, communication media, support of portrait and landscape plasma panels, video walls.