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SMS Billing Solution (Automated Partner Program)

WINGS offers a readymade platform for implementation, startup and organization of SMS billing that enables to become a full-fledged aggregator of mobile payments. The solution includes all necessary components for startup and further business expansion. It is characterized by high reliability and performance; it has an automated partner program, different ways of connecting partners, a ready WEB site with a powerful management system. WINGS provides his customers with comprehensive consulting at all stages of the project.

About The Solution

The solution is based on the WINGS industrial platform that is successfully implemented in more than 17 countries of the world. It is characterized by flexibility, high performance and reliability. Owing to its distributed architecture the solution can be used in small projects with expanding prospects as well as in projects with considerable traffic (there are implementations with the traffic of up to one million messages per day).

The solution includes a functional WEB site powered by popular CMS. The site consists of a public part and a part for partners. The only thing the customer has to do is to develop his own design. An automated partner program is completely integrated into this site. It allows partners to monetize any Internet project in a few minutes without any financial expenses and special knowledge.

The system has a universal mechanism of automated settlements based on partner tariff plans, including service numbers the partners work on, scale of interest deductions, cost of outgoing SMS (if the partner sends bulk SMS). Interest deductions and outgoing SMS cost change dynamically, and the partners income is recounted depending on the traffic engaged by him. The partners can have common or individual tariff plans.

The solution provides quick connection to mobile phone operators and aggregators by SMPP, UCP, CIMD, HTTP(S) protocols and allows to build own partner network. Owing to the system architecture there is a possibility of fast connection of payment acceptance through payment terminals, E-money and credit cards, and build up of cross functional payment system to monetize Internet traffic.

Examples of implementation: http://smspartner.ru http://smsjoin.ru

Basic Capacities Of Partner System:

  • registration of a partner through the WEB site;
  • a set of ready services adjusted by the partner through the site, for example, sending passwords via SMS and etc.;
  • an extended set of ready scripts for installation on partner's sites and for organization of billing;
  • self-selection and checking of prefix availability for own services;
  • service testing tool from the Personal Cabinet by emulation of incoming messages;
  • different ways of connecting partners in order to send messages:
    • HTTP GET - the partner needs to specify only the external handler address;
    • HTTP POST - the possibility of work on synchronous mode as well as on asynchronous mode;
    • SMPP connection;
  • high level SOAP API for building own services control logic: adding, editing, deleting services, prefix control, getting separate tariffs for each service, statistics data query and etc.;
  • various types of MT-charging, MT-subscription support;
  • finance reporting;
  • detailed SMS-statistics;
  • blacklists of subscribers;
  • interaction of partners with support engineers from Personal Cabinet through ticket-system;
  • automated charging of partner compensations and payment acceptance (for example, for sending bulk SMS) via different E-payment systems: Yandex Money, WEB Money and etc.;
  • referral program;
  • the possibility of partner services moderation by an administrator and etc.

Automated Traffic Control

In addition, the solution has powerful tool for SMS traffic control in automated mode:

  • intellectual fraud filter and defining fraud risks online: possibility to set up individual fraud limits by total price or message quantity for operators, partners, short numbers and etc.;
  • text filtration of outgoing traffic (anti-spam);
  • search and blocking of duplicated external messages;
  • DDoS protection;
  • monitoring and alerting system for designated staff;
  • possibility of predictive (optional) dialing of subscribers concerning their accessibility and etc.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a part of the solution. The partners can take advantage of Bulk SMS through the WEB interface of the site or through connecting the system via one of the program interfaces:

  • SMPP - connection to the system and bulk SMS through standard SMPP protocol;
  • HTTP - two variants are possible:
    1) the partner accomplishes HTTP request to the system and initiates bulk SMS;
    2) the system inquires independently the partner's system whether it has any messages ready to send and in case their availability it sets bulk SMS;
  • SOAP - high level API for creating and setting bulk SMS.

Additional Features

Alternatively to SMS payment you can pay through dialing to premium numbers. The main advantage of this way of payment is a possibility to hold on the subscriber and offer him additional services or choice of content.

The solution also supports the possibility to organize partner programs that sell multimedia mobile content (video, games, melodies, ringtones, pictures, topics and etc.): content selection, publication on partner's WEB or WAP site or as Java-vitrine, automated deductions, WAP click support, partner program on income splitting from WAP traffic, partner program on selling of voice cards (selection of the cards on the site, payment via SMS, voice card delivery via incoming call to the specified phone number).