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WINGS Notification Server

WINGS notification server provides a single interface for interaction with current and potential customers through different communication channels: SMS, calls (with speech synthesis support from the text), faxes, email, MMS.

The notification server channels are licensed separately; the customer defines the required system configuration himself and can add new channels with increasing demands.

The notification server acts as a single access point to all possible communication channels with customers without any need in separate integration with each message delivery external system. As a result, using a unified messaging system reduces considerably integration costs and thereto related risks.

A wide range of protocols is provided for fast connection of customers' systems to the notification server as well as possibility of interaction with customers, partners, employees by any channels comfortable for them (interactive voice, text and multimedia communications).

The implementation of WINGS notification server will provide:

  • increase of efficient interaction among customers;
  • partial automation of business processes;
  • reduce of operational costs;
  • unique competitive advantages;
  • quick payback of investments.

Examples of using the notification server


  • Informing clients of the events concerning their bank objects (credit cards, deposits and etc.).
  • Reminding of up-coming events (loan payment, interest calculation and etc.).
  • Greeting customers (birthday, condominium conversion).
  • Sending out bank reference information: addresses of branches and cash machines, timetable and etc.
  • Bulk marketing, bulk news, informing about current promo actions and new products.


  • Reminding of the necessity to top up, to pay monthly fee.
  • Automated customer survey (calls from IVR-menu) concerning the quality of the provided service.
  • Informing of current promo actions, news, discounts, new tariff plans and services.
  • Informing of any network troubles; possible activity interrupt.

Logistics, transport companies

  • Informing of the delivery status and cargo location by advent or by customer's request.
  • Automated calls to the customers to coordinate delivery time.
  • Bulk messages concerning changes in the graphic of delivery.
  • Informing carriers of new cargo location.
  • Warning of traffic jams, severe weather conditions and diversion routes.

Public Utilities

  • Informing of general work and temporal water and electricity outage and etc.
  • Warning of debts.
  • Informing of tariff changes.
  • Warning of check-outs, when it is necessary to have access to electric meters, gas stoves and etc.


  • Making appointments.
  • Informing of the drug intake time.
  • Reminding of coming appointments.
  • Sending analysis results.

Variety of Message Delivery Channels:

SMS, Calls (including those with an interactive menu, speech synthesis and recognition), Email, MMS, Fax, Instant Messaging (ICQ and etc.).

Ways of Integration:

The notification server in a configurable format takes requests for bulk messages from external IT systems and sends reports through different channels: HTTP(S), Web-services, FTP, SMTP, POP3, SMPP, MM7, JMS, DB API.

According to preset schedule the notification server interrogates by itself external data sources (information systems) and starts up bulk messages in case of new tasks. Different external data sources are supported including: DB, RSS, Web-services and etc.

Key Possibilities:

  • intuitive user WEB-interface for carrying out campaigns on bulk messages and calls;
  • single tool for traffic managing and monitoring from various sources (information systems) through different channels;
  • sending of personalized messages through all channels;
  • using templates when forming messages;
  • speech synthesis support from the text, speech recognition support;
  • the system can be used simultaneously by different organizations and branches with access security and separate statistics;
  • time zone support allowing for delivery time;
  • high-level API for controlling bulk messages (to add subscribers, to create bulk messages, to get statistics and etc.);
  • message and call priority: emergency messages are delivered foremost;
  • guaranteed message delivery, escalation sequence setup;
  • single universal customers' address book with contacts for all possible channels;
  • the customer can inquire the required information on his own by a convenient channel and get a reply;
  • customers can take out a subscription for events, reminders, newsletters and promo messages;
  • voice card support of different vendors: Dialogic, Digium, Sangoma;
  • integration with Avava, Genesis and other current voice platforms of the customer.