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Outsourcing Tasks of Content Providers

  • We give our customers possibility to start working without own technical staff and equipment: we do all maintenance work and provide clients with our servers. Further a client can gradually come to independent work: buy own servers, recruit and train staff and etc. Such approach enables a content-provider to start immediately working in the market and then gradually make own maintenance unit.
  • We serve as an external maintenance department for several content-providers. It enables our clients to concentrate on marketing and promotion. At the same time we provide organizational and technical support on development, implementation and exploitation of mobile services.

Administrative and Technical Support:

  • using WINGS server equipment or platform deployment on customer's equipment;
  • installation and setup of necessary software;
  • connecting and testing links with mobile operators;
  • operability assurance of the system and mobile services, servers administration, monitoring and emergency warning.
  • all "transport" tasks solutions: technical cooperation with mobile operators, connection management system, support of different interacting protocols with other information systems (aggregators, content-providers, payment systems etc.);
  • technical support, consultation on system using for customers, problem solving, new versions delivery (as soon as they appear).

Software Development/Update:

  • new mobile services development by using SMS, IVR, Bluetooth, WAP, J2ME, WEB, MMS, USSD technologies including SMS processing logic, specialized user interfaces for statistics and for adjusting of such services;
  • WAP sites development and support (moreover common content display is one of the platform components and is included in standard delivery);
  • platform customizing, integration with current internal and external information systems (payment systems, content-providers, partners and etc.).

Platform Management:

  • full setting and checking of all services by WINGS, the customer sets up requirements and WINGS carries out immediate work on content setting, checking and downloading.
  • monitoring of system operations, key performance indicators and statistics;
  • "technical" content management.

"Organizational" outsourcing:

  • expert consultation on mobile services organization, on the choice of ideal services mechanics and etc.;
  • organized interaction with mobile operators: coordination of launching services, document workflow, acts, traphic checking and etc.;
  • assistance in searching of content-providers, cooperation with content developers;
  • assistance during all stages of development and launch of mobile promo events: proposal and selling of projects to an advertiser, coordination with operators, realization, support and etc.

Tasks Independently Performed by Customer:

  • establishing relationship (at least starting the procedure of execution of the contract) and tightening up relations with mobile operators;
  • relations with rightholders (we assist with the content search and production however relations with rightholders is a customer's task);
  • work with media and partners (communication with TV, radio stations, magazines and etc.; agreements on terms, exclusives, installing services and etc.);
  • advertisement (negotiations on prices and conditions, advertisement efficiency tracking and etc.);
  • content range management (specification and choice of the content for selling, goal setting for making and buying a content, tracking latest offers, analysis of rivals' proposals, sales analysis, product line readjustment and etc.);
  • work with advertisers and advertising agencies (in case you are going to work in the sphere of mobile marketing you will have to establish at least an initial contact with clients).