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On Demand Platform (SaaS)

In addition to a traditional software implementation model on customer's equipment we offer an alternative variant. Possibility to use the software on WINGS hardware (so called Software as a Service, SaaS).

The customer can quickly become a VAS (value added services) market participant without his own technical infrastructure: hardware, technical stuff and etc. It is possible due to using WINGS software and hardware system and the whole range of provided services covering all life cycle of the VAS-project.

The customer gets access to the full-scale rentd WINGS platform instance installed to WINGS' hardware and can independently configure, adapt and test ready to run typical services, create new services, manage content, analyze statistics, adjust platform access for partners, rightholders and etc.

Services Provided By WINGS:

  • detailed consultation and training of customer's staff;
  • customers' numbers connection and solution of all technical problems with mobile operators, aggregators and gateways.
  • administration, monitoring and technical support of the platform in 24x7-mode;
  • by customer's order the platform is updated and are developed the following services: additional mobile services, specialized statistics, integration with customer's and external information systems, mobile applications (J2ME, iOS, Android, Windows Phone), WAP portals and etc.;
  • "on-key" service development and full preparation for commercial exploitation by WINGS;
  • task outsourcing of content and service providers: assistance in platform exploitation, solution of all technical tasks and etc.

Attention! We are not aggregators and we do not rent short numbers! The customer must get them directly from mobile operators or aggregators (however we can provide all necessary consulting support. We are SaaS-providers: we provide hosting of our products and services on their full-staged implementation, provide platform as on demand service).


  • no expenses for building own technical infrastructure, which deployment and exploitation can take up a lot of resources;
  • considerable initial investment cut, practically no cost to start exploitation, low cost of ownership;
  • possibility to test reliability and advantages of the product in the framework of pilot project with further implementation extension;
  • flexible payment system (monthly payment), only usage pay;
  • possibility to concentrate on marketing and promotion;
  • considerable cut in implementation timescales;
  • frequent decrease of financial risks, cutting down time of choosing the product, cutting down risk of choosing incorrect product and of unsuccessful implementation (monthly service payment enables to be free in changing the product or the provider!);
  • possibility of further "traditional" buying of the platform with installation on customer's equipment.

Technical characteristics:

  • using fault-tolerant software and hardware WINGS system, software and hardware duplication, twenty-four-hour monitoring and technical support guarantee uninterrupted availability of provided services (corresponding statement of liability is fixed in Service Level Agreement - SLA);
  • company servers are located in highly reliable datacenters (TIA-942 Tier III+), with 99,982% uptime and security from DDoS-attacks;
  • solid security and data reservation, access only through secured connections, complete (physical) data isolation belonging to different users;
  • access to the system is possible through a standard browser;
  • transfer to new versions is unnoticed for users;
  • quick feedback with developers, quick modification implementation and error control.