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News for 2009 year

11.12.2009 WINGS traffic routing system: reduced costs through minimized outgoing SMS traffic

Technologii Svyazi, a service provider focusing on running intellectual SMS-based quiz contests, chose WINGS platform as a replacement for the transport component of their existing system. By monitoring the aggregators' gateway loads and rerouting the provider's outgoing SMS messages through the cheapest and most optimal channel, our platform helps the client reduce costs, due to minimized outgoing SMS traffic. The platform is built to ensure high fault tolerance of the services through redundancy and 724365 monitoring features.

22.06.2009 Mobile technologies improving sales efficiency at points of sales: WINGS presents WINGS BlueCell and ViziCell solutions at MoCo 2009.

WINGS BlueCell and ViziCell solutions stimulating purchasing activities of the visitors by means of mobile technologies were presented by the WINGS company at the Mobile Content World MoCo 2009 business forum. that was held on June 16-17, 2009 in Moscow.

11.06.2009 Service provider Sotovy Media Service transfers to WINGS platform and uses it as a transportation system

Sotovy Media Service (SMS Media trademark), a service provider specializing in interactive TV projects and dating services that in 2009 has serviced a monthly traffic of 1 million incoming and 3 million outgoing messages, has replaced the transportation part of the existing system with the WINGS commercial platform. Implementation of the WINGS platform into the existing infrastructure did not affect the solution used by the provider and was performed without service interruption.

15.05.2009 Nikita Mobile (Armenia) transfers to WINGS platform for content providers

Nikita Mobile (Armenia), a member of the Nikita Group, has transferred a part of its SMS services, including aggregator SMS traffic, to the WINGS platform. WINGS will provide more productive and stable functioning of SMS services.

17.04.2009 Bluetooth mailing of a new MTS plan presentation as performed by ORANGE PROMO with the help of WINGS BlueCell

At the conference of the Vedomosti, the ORANGE PROMO agency, with support of the WINGS company , has used WINGS BlueCell devices to organize Bluetooth mailing of a new MTSplan presentation adapted for viewing on mobile phones.

13.04.2009 Over 300 copies of a mobile magazine were distributed via Bluetooth during a football match

There are distributed over 300 copies of a mobile magazine Omni Journal Mobile to the fans hand-sets by two Bluetooth transmitters WINGS BlueCell at the football match in Tomsk-city.

10.03.2009 Mobile operator ETK (Yeniseitelecom) to install WINGS BlueCell Bluetooth marketing devices at service and sales centers

The cellular operator ETK (CJSC Eniseytelekom) has selected the WINGS company as its technology partner supplying the solution for Bluetooth marketing. In the ETK sales and service centres WINGS BlueCell devices will be installed. They will allow for sending an electronic variant of the Subscriber's booklet (a mobile analogue of the ETK web site) to the visitors phones by Bluetooth.

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