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WINGS traffic routing system: reduced costs through minimized outgoing SMS traffic

Since 2004, Technologii Svyazi, Moscow-based service provider, has been working with TV channels, radio stations, supermarkets, and mobile operators to run SMS-based quiz contests. The quiz participants answer various questions about movies, music, cartoons, celebrities, or sports, and receive points for answering correctly. The questions and difficulty level are selected individually for each participant by an artificial intelligence system.

During the SMS-based quiz contests, the system returns over ten messages per single participant's message (the Russian-language quiz questions are split into several SMS messages; the participants receive notifications about the answer results, point scores, and daily winners; the system also sends out related jokes or short funny stories). The costs of this outgoing SMS traffic to Technologii Svyazi are substantial.

By integrating WINGS platform into the existing infrastructure, Technologii Svyazi was able to reduce the costs associated with the outgoing SMS traffic: the platform is now connected to several SMS traffic aggregators, enabling the traffic routing system to dynamically monitor the aggregators' gateway loads, log message delivery time, and reroute the outgoing messages through the cheapest and most optimal channel.

WINGS platform is designed to monitor server hardware, aggregators' connections, and its own components, while maintaining high fault tolerance. The platform is fully redundant: all data from the main server is also stored on a backup server, so that in the event of a failure, the platform can automatically switch the services to this backup server. WINGS staff provides support and server administration for the platform.

WINGS platform deployment did not require any changes to the service provider infrastructure or cause any disruption to the services.

WINGS product is an integrated multi-channel platform designed to provide mobile services via SMS, IVR, WAP, MMS, USSD, Bluetooth, J2ME, or RBT. The platform supports various MT payment options, WAP click, WAP charging, WAP subscription, SMS billing, SMS-broadcasts, flexible settlements with partners, rightholders, or operators, batch content purchase, RBT system integration, and many more. WINGS platform provides aggregation functionality for SMS, IVR, RBT, etc., and is designed to help content providers increase income significantly by quickly building a partner network for accepting micropayments and selling content. WINGS derives many of its benefits from SOA architecture. Extreme flexibility of the platform allows to configure traffic routing by using various criteria, quickly implement different protocols and scenarios, easy integrate with 3rd party systems. The platform is designed to withstand high load and scale easily to meet your changing business needs. 

For information on Technologii Svyazi quiz contests, please visit http://www.sms-bmw.ru.