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For Advertising Agencies


Digital Signage is a modern way of displaying advertisement or any other digital content on the screens installed in shops, restaurants, airports and other places. It enables to communicate well and easlily any information to the audience.


Bulk Calls

WINGS Bulk Calls enables to carry out campaigns of mass outgoing calls (telemarketing).

Main objectives: operation optimization of contact centers (operator reservation, dialing clients and connecting the operator only with interested clients) and automation of personalized communications with current and potential clients (automated intellectual bulk calls without call center operators).


Bulk SMS

The solution is a software system which can be located either on customers equipment or on WINGS own servers. After installation the solution connects to the systems of different operators and/or SMS providers (at the customers choice, or upon references from WINGS). The intellectual system chooses a sending channel for each SMS according to channel workload, cost and communication priority. Thus, a customer gets his own independent bulk SMS system with the alternative to build his own reseller network.


WINGS Platform

WINGS platform is an easy and efficient tool for mobile marketing. The solution has a great number of ready services and enables to add and startup new services quickly and easily:

  • SMS campaigns (codes under the cover, payment cards, prize drawings, lotteries and etc.);
  • IVR services (voice panel games, scratch-cards, subscriber support call-center and etc,);
  • Bluetooth campaigns (bulk messages of promotional, entertaining and informational content by Bluetooth);
  • Money Back services (instant-win prizes on the mobile phone account, reimbursement of SMS and call costs for the participants of the promo campaigns, rewards programs and etc.).