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WINGS Recharge Platform

WINGS recharge platform is a high performance and flexible electronic recharge solution enabling prepaid vouchers distribution/management and PIN less recharge via POS terminals or computers.

recharge via POS terminals

A POS terminal is a computerizedportable handheld device with a display, a keyboard, a printer, a modem and a battery. It istypically located at PointOfSales and is used to complete the sales transactions (instant recharge, voucher sales and etc.). A POS terminal can be provided with several trays for SIM-cards, a network interface card and other ports such as USB or RS-232 to work with third party equipment and to increase its reliability.

The platform can be used by an operator, a retailer, a prepaid cards distributor or an independent company accepting payments.

WINGS recharge platform supports:

  • e-voucher distribution (i.e. virtual recharge cards)
  • instant recharge with a direct connect to the providers'billing.

Having implemented this platform you can offer your dealers simple and scalable business of payment acceptancewith the following advantages:

  • cost optimization
    • dealers can use any computer with an access to the Internet or a POS-terminal which is much cheaper than a computer
    • no need to stock recharge cards
    • reduced logistics
    • no loss and theft of the cards
    • immediate availability in all denominations (no 'OutofStock' problems)
  • no need to sign agreements with operators and providers
  • customizable transaction processing fees
  • 24x7 recharge
  • centralizedcontrol
  • differentrealtimesalesreports
  • duplicatereceiptprinting
  • customizablepromo information printed on receipts

The solution consists of:

  • a network of POS terminals installed at various retailer locations (mobile stores, shops and etc.)
  • transaction processing servers - a failover server cluster that interacts with recharge terminals and the service providers whose payments are accepted.
  • recharge WEB-servers that allow recharging from any computer via the Internet as an alternative for POS terminals. These servers also cooperate with processing servers.

WINGS offers turnkey recharge solution - the supply of software (optionally with hardware), all necessary operations to launch a recharge platform including integration, customization, commissioning and maintenance.

E-Vouchers (virtual recharge cards)

The implementation of e-voucher enables to simplify prepaid carddistribution.

Unlike scratch-cards,e-vouchers have a number of advantages:

  • No cost for prepaid card making and printing;
  • No logistics and stocking;
  • Centralized card management and distribution;
  • Minimize transaction cost;
  • Better conditions for dealers;
  • Full control over the stock, guaranteed availability of stock;
  • Minimize fraud and theft;
  • Large amount of statistic data for strategic planning.

Virtual recharge cards are sold via POS-terminals whichare compact and have a low purchase / maintenance cost. The POS-terminal is connected to a central server by means of GSM-modems via a secure (encrypted) connection.

It is clear and simple for the subscriber to buy an e-voucher. At the Point of Sale the subscriber pays for the card to its value (commission is possible). The seller accepts money from the subscriber, selects in POS-terminal menu a recharge mode, an operator and a denomination. The terminal prints a receipt which contains the card PIN code and serial number, denomination, activation instructions, the logo of the operator and other additional information.

There is no need to integrate with providers when using this scheme. It is just necessary to load e-vouchers in advance / periodically in the system.

Instant Payments

WINGS recharge platform enables accept payments for various services: mobile, Internet, utilities, TV and etc.

The recharge process is the following: at the Point of Sale the subscriber pays for the required service through the seller. The seller accepts the subscriber's money, selects a recharge mode and the provider in thePOS terminal and enters the amount. The POS terminal transmits the transaction data (the subscriber's account number, the amount and etc.) to the processing center that transmits the transaction to the relevant provider. After completing the transaction the terminal prints a receipt with transaction details which is handed to the client.

The key distinction between the instant payment scheme and e-vouchers is that the instant payment processing is integrated with the billing of the correspondent providers (who are ready for such integration), and thus there is no need to pre-load vouchersin the system (vouchers are not needed at all).

The instant payment is more convenient for the client as:

  • the payment is immediate
  • no need to activate the voucher / recharge card
  • no fixed payment amount (no denomination limit).


The solution consists of the server part (processing) and the network of POS-terminals that communicate with the server part via a secure Internet connection.

The server part of the solution is used to control the system, in particular, for the following key tasks:

  • Terminal control;
  • Transaction completing;
  • Integration with external systems;
  • E-voucher management;
  • Report providing;
  • System monitoring.

The processing servers are tied intofault-tolerant clusters and protected from hacking and attacks by industrial firewalls.



The server software has the following features:

  • Cross-platform: the ability to use software of the following OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008, RHEL, CentOS, SUSE Linux Enterprise, OpenSUSE.
  • Modularity: the software consists of different subsystems- WEB-based user friendly interfaces for dealers, merchants and administrators, processing and communication modules. All of them can operate on different servers to increase reliability and loadbalancing.
  • Scalability: The architecture of the solution allows productivity and server side performanceincreasewith the terminal network growth.
  • Fault tolerance: the software running on industrial equipment enables to provide 24x7 service and permanent monitoring of the hardware and software enables to identify quicklypotential problems.
  • Data security: all critical data is regularly backed up and stored at external storages.

There is remote control over the server software via different WEB interfaces (no need to install additional software as a WEB browser is enough).

The administrative WEB interface allows:

  • Control terminals registered in the system:
    • change various settings: payment limits (per session, per hour, per day), location address, dealer binding, etc.;
    • remote update of the terminal software;
    • upload log files from the terminal to the server;
    • execute remote commands on the terminal and watch the results;
  • Monitor various terminal indices (and notify the responsible staff by SMS and email):
    • date and time of the last payment;
    • date and time of the last request to server;
    • state of terminal equipment;
    • SIM card and GPRS-modem balance.
  • Set up payment profiles (payment terminal menu which can be different at different network terminals).
  • Load recharge cards (e-vouchers) and manage them.
  • Update additional information (adverts) printed on receipts.
  • Manage system users and access permissions, log their activity.
  • Connect service providers, who get payments, set payment limits.
  • Manage system dealers.
  • Adjust a flexible system of fee earnings for dealers depending on the provider, the amount and the number of payments. Recalculate automatically a new commission percentage when the dealer's turnover reaches a certain amount.
  • Perform manual and automatic check of payments with providers.
  • Get a various reports with possibility to export to CSV files:
    • Detailed statistics on prepaid card sales and payments including the time and the status of the operation. Search on POS, service providers and other parameters;
    • Group payment statistics according to time intervals (hours, days, weeks, months, etc.), service providers, POS-terminals and etc.;
    • Financial statistics including accounting and dealer reports;
    • Check report;
    • Report on recharge card loading in the system;
    • Report on problems fixed at the terminals;
  • Create a navigation menu for terminals.

There is a different WEB interface for dealers - a dealer's cabinet where the following information is available: balance, dealer's terminals, payment statistics, sales statistics and etc.

All WEB interfaces are accessible through HTTPS secured protocol.


Software for POS-terminals provides the following:

  • Make payments and sell recharge cards (e-vouchers);
  • Sell more than one recharge cardat a time (bulk sale);
  • Receive reports on operations per day, per week or per month;
  • Check for GPRSnetwork connection;
  • Check the balance of SIM cards used to connect to servers;
  • Switch from one SIM card to another if necessary;
  • Change terminal settings: the backlight level, volume, font, etc;
  • Block the access to the terminal by password to prevent unauthorized access;
  • Initiate the terminal software update;
  • Send terminal logs to the server;
  • Minimize traffic consumption (the terminal supports datatransfer resume in case of connection lost).

Additional Features

  • Multilanguage support in the administrative interface, a dealer's cabinet in the terminal menu.
  • Customizable algorithm to repeatthe completion of failed payments, to recall payments (for some providers).
  • Protection against duplicate payments.
  • Special installer significantly speeds up terminals preparation for use.