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WINGS company presented a product line of solutions for mobile operators, aggregators and content providers at Svyaz-expocomm 2010 exhibition taken part in Moscow

At the 22nd international “Svyaz-expocomm 2010” exhibition held on May 11–14, 2010 at Expocenter Central Exhibition Complex, Moscow, WINGS company presented new solutions for mobile operators:

- WINGS Social Marketing Suite is a solution allowing to build an operator’s social networks on the basis of information on calls made and messages sent among the subscribers. The solution enables marketing of products and services in social network through viral marketing as well as to conduct marketing campaigns with the purpose to attract new subscribes and preserve the existing. This makes the company build an advertising area in a social network;

- with WINGS Voice SMS solution mobile network subscribers can exchange with short voice messages;

- WINGS USSD Center is a solution of operator class for USSD-based services, which consists of two independent components: USSD Gateway an industry gateway on the operators side and USSD Portal a system providing environment for USSD logic implementation.

The following solutions are intended for mobile operators:  

- RBT 2.0 add-ons is an innovation solution that increases efficiency of RBT services thanks to easy search function and RBT installation for a customer;

- with WINGS SMS2Voice, mobile network subscribers can send SMS messages to fixed-line phones, answering devices and faxes; text messages are delivered from a mobile to a fixed-line phone through text conversion of an SMS into a voice message;

- WINGS Email2Voice is a patent product of operator class allowing mobile subscribers to access an e-mail from any phone (the service does not require installation of any additional software or special phone adjusting). Access to e-mail is provided through voice interface, which is operated with the help of cell phone pad. New messages are delivered by means of calling a mobile. It is possible to listen to new and saved messages when calling, reply e-mails by voice;

- WINGS HappyBirthday traffic generator.

WINGS company offered the following solutions for aggregators and service providers:

- SMS-billing (an automated partner program)* is a solution for SMS billing organization including every option required for start up and further extension of business. It contains an automated partner program, numerous ways for partners connection, ready-made WEB-site with a multifunctional management system;

- solution for automatization of work of SMS provider* is a bundled software, which can be placed either at the customers equipment or at WINGS servers. The solution can be connected with various operators and/or SMS-providers; an intellectual system chooses a sending channel per each SMS dynamically according to the channel occupancy, cost and priority of the message;

-WINGS IVR-platform with a continuously expanded set of ready-for-launch standard voice services creates vast opportunities for developing and launching new voice services; 

- WINGS VAS-platform* is a solution for development and provision of mobile services on the basis of SMS, IVR, WAP, MMS, USSD, Bluetooth, J2ME, intended for automatization of work of content/service providers and aggregators.

* the solution forms part of WINGS industry platform with over 80 implementations in 16 countries of the world. Due to its ability to support numerous mobile and Internet technologies (SMS, IVR, WAP, WEB, MMS, RBT, J2ME, USSD, Bluetooth) the platform serves as an integrated system with a single database and different channels for interaction with mobile terminals owners. WINGS platform is a multiagent distributed system consisting of independent agents (modules), all or part of which process data in a real-time mode. Interaction between the modules is based on asynchronous exchange with XML-messages. JMS (Java Message Service) serves as a message line.

The system allows filtering, routing and transformation of messages, their generation in accordance with the set schedule and delivers them using any available channel. The decision on its further processing is taken depending on message content. It is possible to define both basic system structure (system configuration, dataflow hierarchy, rules for messages processing, options of the system's answer to the events, etc.) and dynamic changes of the systems structure (without reset, in a real-time mode) in accordance with the scenarios offered by the user.

WINGS platform is an operator class solution enjoying all required mechanisms of fault tolerance and safety. There is no interruption in customers servicing thanks to the option of platform upgrade, replacement and modernization of the hardware.

The solutions architecture ensures a high throughput, degree of scaling and load balancing. The system has an open SOA architecture based on industry standards that enables prompt adding of ones own components (agents) and set rules for messages processing.