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Nikita Mobile content provider launches USSD-portal for Armenian mobile operator based on the WINGS platform

Nikita Mobile (Armenia) has won the tender for developing of mobile content USSD-portal for one of the three Armenian mobile operators. While creating the USSD-portal Nikita Mobile involved WINGS, who developed the platform for content providers. (Previously, Nikita Mobile transferred its own services to WINGS multi-transport platform supporting SMS, IVR, WAP, USSD, etc.). WINGS team conducted works on connecting the platform to the operator, realizing of transport protocol, integrating with the project information partner’s systems, and preparing statistics. The platform supports the direct interaction with the operators system and provides multiple information services and entertainment content catalogue to the subscribers. Withdrawal from the subscriber's account for the paid services is made by MT billing. The information partners of the portal have access to the USSD-portal online statistics.

To access USSD-portal the subscribers should send a  to *123#. Portal menu supports three languages: English, Russian and Armenian. The portal contains local and international news, information services (exchange rates, exchange quotation, weather forecast for regions, airport schedules, and horoscope), entertainment services (SMS chat, jokes, origin of names, congratulations, valentine cards, etc.), games, pictures, music content. To pay for the USSD-portal content the billing is used: the subscriber shall receive a chargeable SMS message to his mobile phone in reply to the inquiry. If the mobile account balance is below the amount to be paid for the content, the inquiry shall be rejected, and the system shall send a request to top up the account.

The WINGS platform is an integrated multi-transport platform enabling mobile services based on SMS, IVR, WAP, MMS, USSD, Bluetooth, J2ME, RBT technologies. The platform supports different types of MT billing, WAP click, WAP billing, WAP subscription, SMS billing, SMS mailing, flexible financial settlements with the partners, right holders and operators, package purchase of the content, integration with RBT systems, etc. The WINGS platform is an aggregators solution (SMS, IVR, RBT, etc.) and has a partnership program enabling a content provider to increase its income significantly by means of fast building of a partners network for micro-payments and content sale. The WINGS platform has SOA architecture. The flexibility of the platform permits fast realization of any protocol types and provides easier integration with third party systems. The platform operates safely in high load conditions and is easily scaled if required.

Nikita Mobile (Armenia) is a swiftly developing innovation company established in 2007 in Armenia. The company belongs to Nikita Group Russia group of companies representing itself as the leading provider of VAS services in Armenia. The company provides the full range of services including development, implementation and technical follow-up for the projects connected with content and VAS services. Due to the existing technical capabilities in the market of mobile services the company has vast opportunities for the comprehensive implementation of projects based on MMS, WAP, GPRS, SMS, J2ME, USSD, IVR, Blutth, Mobile TV, VoD. 

Core activities of Nikita Mobile (Armenia):

·         development and aggregation of content in New Media format;

         development and promotion of informational services;

         development and promotion of entertainment services;

         mobile marketing;

         media integrated projects;

         mobile payment;

         distribution of content for television.

Nikita Mobile (Armenia) is a content provider of the following services:





         Mobile TV;


While having representative offices in ten CIS countries Nikita group of companies cooperates with all mobile operators of Russia and CIS being a leading content provider in the ex-USSR territory. Nikita Mobile (Armenia) is among the 500 biggest taxpayers.

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