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Mobile operator NTC makes e-mail access available for its users through voice interface by launching Youve got mail service based on WINGS Email2Voice solution

NTC JSC, the mobile operator on the Primorsky region, launched You’ve got mailservice at service number 0616. The service provides for a simple and easy-to-use email access via the voice interface if there is no PC with the Internet connection within reach.

The service can be subscribed at by sending a USSD request or via Internet self-service system. A user is automatically allocated an email address of the phone_number@e2v.vntc.ru type.You need only to activate business email forwarding to the system email address or to ask your colleagues to forward email messages that require immediate consideration to this address, and the system will notify the user of new emails by SMS. SMS-notification contains a sender email address and information about attachments. Calling the number, from which the SMS has been sent, the service user listens to the sender address, title of the message and the email content. Then the system offers to reply, save or delete the email. To reply the user is offered to record a voice message. After clicking the confirmation key the system develops and sends an email containing a link for downloading and listening to the voice reply. Calling at number 0616 a user can learn about the total amount of new emails, listen to new and saved emails and delete unnecessary ones.

The Youve got mail service is designed for frequent traveling workers. This easy-to-use service doesnt require settings or installation of additional programs. To read emails and send replies a user needs only to make a call – that can be done by anyone while driving when there is no chance to look at a phone display, when using a basic mobile phone or if you don't want to deal with smart phone settings. Reply by voice is faster than writing, commented Tatiana Butskikh, Marketing and Development Director, NTC JSC.

The Youve got mail service is based on the WINGS Email2Voice solution adjusting Text-to-Speech technology for generation of voice messages from email messages in Russian and English.

WINGS Email2Voice is a carrier grade patented product which provides mobile users with email access through voice interface when the service is managed by the means of a mobile phones keyboard. The WINGS Email2Voice product uses Text-to-Speech technology to identify the language of emails and create voice messages in the required language (more than 40 languages supported).

NTC traditionally offers its users services which are innovative for the Russian market, said Tatiana Butskikh. The "Youve got mail" serviceis the fourth project launched by our company in partnership with WINGS. Previously we launched such services as SMS to wire phone and My Birthday and implemented WINGS BlueCell for Bluetooth devices network.

The Youve got mail service was launched by NTC together with WINGS on the terms of revenue sharing. Within such a partnership model the software for Email2Voice is located at WINGSs servers, in Tier III+ data center according TIA-942 standard. As the alternative to the partnership on the terms of revenue sharing WINGS offers operators to purchase the WINGS Email2Voice software-hardware solution.

Additional information:

Download the booklet about WINGS Email2Voice

NTC JSC is the only commercial entity in the Primorsky region focused directly on the four areas of telecommunication service:

  • local telephone,
  • cellular radio standard GSM,
  • Internet access: wired ADSL, wireless WiMax, WiFi, Metro Ethernet connections,
  • IP-telephony.

The company uses modern technologies to provide services and develop existing networks, following the experience of the largest global telecom companies.

NTC JSC strategy is oriented at further telecom development, implementation of the new technologies and maintenance of its leading position in the Primorsky region. Development of its own network as well as cooperation with operators from other regions will allow NTC to achieve these goals.