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WINGS company renders SMS on a wire service for subscribers of the NTC cellular operator

The “SMS on a wire” service is granted to the operator on the base of the WINGS SMS2Voice solution. Software is located on the WINGS company equipment. The operator readdresses SMS-messages, meant for the sending to the landline number, on the service server. SMS-processing, including voice messages’ synthesis from the SMS-text, calls processing and calls landing, are executed on the WINGS equipment. The operator allocates voice number for the listening of return messages, having received from landline phones. Calls having received on the number, are also readdressed on the WINGS company service server for the further processing.

SMS-messages, addressed to landline phones, are preliminary converted into voice messages, then a call to the landline number takes place, and SMS-message is reproduced in a sound format. The service supports messages transmission both on Russian and English. The message recipient is able to listen SMS-message again, dictate return message, and SMS-notification about the answer having received will be sent to the mobile phone holders number. You may listen to it, having called on a short service number. The service doesnt require preliminary subscription and is granted to subscribers of all tariff plans, and the cost for one SMS-message makes up 5 rubles including VAT.

SMS on a wire service is being operated since June, 2010, the subscribers have estimated the service convenience, and we have taken a decision to continue cooperation with the WINGS company on the given service. The WINGS also introduces the service, with help of this our subscribers will be able to listen to his email-messages, - Tatiana Butskikh, marketing and development director of PLC NTC told.

Introduction of the WINGS SMS2Voice solution on terms of revenue sharing requires minimal man-hour from the operator party: it is necessary to grant connection to the SMS-center and to tune readdressing of all SMS, addressed to landline phones, on the WINGS company server (the equipment is located on the site with the reliability category 3+ according to the TIA-942 standard). Optionally, you need granting of a short voice number for support of an opportunity of a record and listening to return messages. The sale of WINGS SMS2Voice solution to the operator is possible as an alternative to the cooperation according to the scheme of revenue sharing.

In addition:

PLC New telephone company(PLC NTC) is the sole commercial structure in the Primorsky Kray, oriented at once on four directions of telecommunication services:

·         local telephone connection;

         cellular  radiotelephone GSM-standard connection;

         access to Internet: wired ADSL, wireless WiMax, WiFi, Metro Ethernet


The company uses modern technologies for granting services and development of existing networks, having oriented on experience of the largest telecommunication world companies.

The strategy of PLC New telephone company is directed to the further telecommunications development, new technologies introduction and preservation of   leading positions in the Primorsky Kray. Development of its own network at the same time with cooperation with the other regional connection operators will allow NTC to achieve these aims.


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