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CJSC Armentel (Beeline brand) launched Talking SMS service in Armenia based on WINGS SMS2Voice solution

CJSC Armentel  (Beeline brand) mobile operator who also provides fixed line services in Armenia launched Talking SMS service in December 2010. The service allows the subscribers to send SMS to Armentel fixed line numbers as well as to receive and listen to reply messages from them.

Sending SMS from mobile-to-fixed is similar to sending SMS to mobile. A subscriber enters the fixed line phone number in an international format, types the text of the message and presses the “send” button. The fixed line phone receives the call; the system reads the subscriber’s number and the message in voice format.  With the help of phone buttons the fixed line subscriber can navigate the voice menu, listen to the message again or record an answer. The sender can listen to the reply message by calling the short number mentioned in SMS notification message. The service is provided in three languages Armenian, Russian and English. 

Armenian leading content provider Nikita Mobile provides Talking SMS service to Beeline subscribers with the help of WINGS SMS2Voice solution.

SMS2Voice solution is carrier-grade converged service which extends SMS capabilities and enlarges the audience of SMS users by fixed line subscribers whereas SMS sending remains habitually simple. The solution supports voice message synthesis for many languages of the world and is noted for high quality of speech synthesis.

Talking SMS is our latest project which we launched on WINGS software, commented Ara Yagjyan, CEO of Nikita Mobile (Armenia). WINGS is our reliable partner who supplies high quality software to provide innovative VAS-services. 

Earlier Nikita Mobile integrated  WINGS platform for providing mobile services, WINGS BlueCell a platform for Bluetooth marketing and launched carrier-grade USSD portal in cooperation with WINGS.

More Details:

WINGS is a developer of innovative solutions in the sphere of VAS-services. The company offers operators purchasing WINGS SMS2Voice solution or its deployment on revenue-sharing terms. 


Nikita Mobile (Armenia) is a fast growing innovative company set up in Armenia in 2007. It is a part of Nikita Group Russia group of companies and is a leading provider of VAS-services in Armenia. The company offers a full service package on development, deployment and technical support for the projects related with content and VAS-services. With current technical capabilities in the mobile services market the company has comprehensive facilities for implementing complex projects based on MMS, WAP, GPRS, SMS, J2ME, USSD, IVR, Bluetooth, Mobile TV, VoD.

Core activities of Nikita Mobile (Armenia):

  • development and aggregation of content in New Media format
  • development and promotion of informational services
  • development and promotion of entertainment services
  • mobile marketing
  • media integrated projects
  • mobile payments
  • distribution of content for television

Nikita Mobile (Armenia) is a content provider for the following services:

  • USSD
  • IVR
  • RBT
  • WAP
  • Mobile TV
  • VoD

Nikita Group of Companies has representative offices in ten CIS countries and cooperates with all Russian and CIS mobile operators. Nikita Mobile (Armenia) is a leading content provider in the ex-USSR territory and is among 500 biggest taxpayers.


CJSC Armentel  is a part of VimpelCom Ltd. Group including mobile operators who provide voice services, telematic services and data transmission based on broad range of technologies of wireless and fixed communications and also provide broadband Internet. The companies included in VimpelCom Ltd. carry out projects in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Kirgizstan, Vietnam and Cambodia in the territory with the population of 345 million people. The services are provided under Beeline brand name. JSC VimpelCom was the first Russian company included in NYSE listing with VIP quoted shares. In 2010 a holding company VimpelCom Ltd. was established. It consolidated blocks of shares of JSC VimpelCom and Kievstar and the VIP symbol was re-registered in the name of VimpelCom Ltd.

VimpelCom Group of Companies offers integrated mobile and fixed services of Inter-City and International communication, data transmission, telematic services, Internet access based on wireless and wired technologies, including fiber optic access, WiFi and 3G. Among the clients of

VimpelCom there are individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, big business, multinational corporations and service providers. www.beeline.am