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+7 495 225-44-09



SMARTS launched a new Voice SMS service in partnership with WINGS

The subscribers of SMARTS mobile network operator have the opportunity to send SMS to landline phone numbers by dialing the number in international format +7 [city code] [phone number]. The operator forwards the message to the WINGS server service where text messages are converted into voice messages. Later the system calls to the landline phone number and the receiver can listen to the voiced SMS message. As soon as the message is delivered the sender receives a notification message.

The service supports message transfer in Russian and English. It is not necessary to subscribe for the service in advance it is offered to the subscribers of all tariff plans; the cost of 1 SMS is 5 rubles with VAT. For message recipients’ convenience “Voice SMS” is delivered during daytime from 10:00 a.m. till 22:00 p.m. If SMS is not sent during the pointed period, its delivery will be postponed till 10:00 a.m. of the next day.

WINGS provides the operator with Voice SMS innovative service based on WINGS SMS2Voice solution. Analogous services based on WINGS solution are launched with the following mobile network operators: NTK (Primorsk Territory), Beeline (Armenia), Baikalwestcom (Eastern Siberia).

Implementation of WINGS SMS2Voice solution on revenue sharing conditions requires minimum labor efforts from the operator. It is necessary to provide connection to SMS centre and set forwarding of all SMS addressed to landline phone numbers to the WINGS server (the equipment is located on the ground with 3 + assurance factor according to TIA-942 standard). Optionally, in order to support recording capability and listening to reply messages it is necessary to give a short voice number. Alternatively to cooperation according to revenue sharing scheme it is possible to sell

WINGS SMS2Voice software solution to the operator.

More details:

SMARTS is the first family operator.

SMARTS provides GSM standard communication services to the subscribers of Volga region and Central Russia during 20 years. Signal coverage spreads over 15 regions: the Astrakhan Region, the Ivanovo Region, the Volgograd Region, the Orenburg Region, the Samara Region, the Penza Region, the Saratov Region, the Ulyanovsk Region and the Yaroslavl Region as well as the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Kalmykia, the Republic of Mari El, the Republic of Tatarstan and Chuvash Republic.

Find more details about Voice SMS here:  http://smarts.ru/services/7/425/

WINGS is a developer of innovative solutions in the sphere of additional mobile network services: www.wsoft.ru