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SITRONICS IT in partnership with WINGS implemented Indoor TV system for MTS Retail chain

SITRONICS Information Technologies, one of the biggest system integrators and leading suppliers of products, solutions and services in the IT market in Eastern Europe and CIS, announces a successful implementation of a Digital Signage class Indoor TV system for digital content management in MTS Retail chain. The main aim of the project is to provide wide field for running marketing promotional campaigns in MTS Retail chain POS (points of sale) throughout Russia.

To attain this aim SITRONICS IT project team in partnership with specialists from WINGS created a unique solution based on Digital Signage class ViziCell system. This solution enables to manage easily a large distributed network of end terminal nodes with a possibility to update and synchronize data and digital content as well as to translate a digital content into displays connected to the unified broadcasting network through terminal nodes.

The project launch of Indoor TV system creation in MTS Retail chain was preceded by the stage of ViziCell adaptation and update of system modules in order to meet all MTS requirements for a complex solution affecting the system core as well as software clients deployed on terminal nodes. The use of virtualization technology at the stage of implementation enabled to start launch of client systems before finishing the adaptation process and to accomplish a smooth transition from the intermediate SW release to the final one. Thus even before implementation of the project MTS could launch the system and run commercial promotional campaigns.

The server part of the solution is implemented on a cluster node in the MTS data processing centre where the whole translated content and the management system of terminal nodes in POS are located. Related material is transferred into terminal client platforms located in POS. The platforms play the content on connected devices, video panels and acoustic systems. After delivering the content and instructions the campaign is run taking into consideration the local time zone where the POS is located. Playback reports are sent to the central server cluster and are used for media planning.

The content management mechanism of the ViziCell system tracks the playback of each content on the video panel and can get statistics online as well as set an individual media plan for each POS or for a group of POS gathered as a territorial sales structure or by another characteristic. Whereas the connection between the server and the client parts is implemented out through a corporate data transfer network, the client part is completely autonomous. Even if connection with the central server breaks, the solution will continue working comprehensively in POS.

“On the basis of WINGS solution we succeeded in creating a fault-tolerant system of high availability and a unified management centre over a distributed network of client devices. This system can function even in unsteady communicating channels in POS, - comments Sergey Kondakov, JSC SITRONICS solution architect. -  The Indoor TV project in MTS Retail chain run in the shortest possible time is the unique implementation of Digital Signage class system of such scale in Russia”.

At present Indoor TV network comprises more than 900 POS of MTS Retail chain. More than 1700 POS throughout Russia will have been equipped and connected to the system by the end of the year. Further development of the system in MTS Retail chain will be presented by Indoor TV-2 project. Innovative interactive systems for automation of a number of sales procedure functions will be introduced in the framework of this project. The project development is aimed to provide complete automation of sales procedure in MTS Retail chain.

About SITRONICS Information Technologies 

SITRONICS IT is one of the leading suppliers of products, solutions and services in the IT market in Eastern Europe and CIS. The company is a part of JSC SITRONICS. Company activities include management consulting, enterprise resource planning system, system integration, software development, services and training. www.it.sitronics.com


WINGS is a leader in the Russian market of technological platforms for providing mobile services. The company is a developer of innovative software for mobile network operators, content and service providers, advertising agents and banks. WINGS provides an integrated technical solution: delivery, implementation, maintenance and administering of own solutions, new services development, staff training and considerable experience in supporting carrier-class systems.

About ViziCell Solution

Digital Signage ViziCell enterprise solution has been developed by WINGS since 2008. From the architectural point of view the solution consists of a central server managing the network of end terminals and terminal nodes enabling to playback simultaneously different videos on LCD and plasma panels in POS, to play audio files, to interact with visitors via Bluetooth or by using sensor screens. The key features of ViziCell are a flexible architecture, high reliability and also a possibility to manage national networks with thousands of end devices.