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WINGS has been chosen as a notification system supplier acting as a single SMS-gateway system for Bank VTB24. WINGS platform has been implemented in Bank VTB24 since 2007. The unified XML-interface additionally implemented in 2010 enabled to transfer XML files containing information about subscribers, text message templates and delivery rules from the internal banking system automatically into the notification system. The notification system develops distribution according to the given rules and delivers SMS-messages to the clients of VTB24.

We are completely satisfied with the system: WINGS platform has proved its reliability, scalability and high performance for 5 years. Technical Support Services have shown complete professionalism: all the issues have been promptly resolved.

We are pleased to work with WINGS and to see that our interests are of high priority for the supplier. We consider WINGS as a reliable and competent partner.

     Senior Vice President, Banking & IT Department Director 
     S.G. Rusanov

Nikita Mobile (a group of companies NIKITA) is a leading provider of mobile services in Armenia (more than 60 own short numbers). The company provides aggregation mobile traffic services in Armenia to the biggest Russian content and service providers. We have used WINGS platform for a year and a half. It is a well thought-out, integral and multifunctional system created on the basis of SOA-architecture and Java, XML, JMS, Oracle industrial standards. The platform has proved its high reliability and productivity in most different projects. WINGS platform is also very accessible for aggregation and partner connection through different protocols. There is a possibility of fast implementation of new protocols, excellent billing. WINGS constantly improves specific services for us and takes into account our new requests (in particular, WINGS developed a USSD-portal for our project with Orange operator), connects new partners, provides high quality, first line support of the platform twenty-four- hour, monitors and administers servers. Everything is done fast! It actually enabled us not to have technical staff as all technical part is done by WINGS as an outsourcing, including the support of external content-providers with the platform. Thus we could concentrate our efforts only on the promotion of our own services.

We completely trust WINGS, extend our cooperation and take part in joint tenders. We consider WINGS as a valuable technical partner and hope for a long-term cooperation.

     CEO Nikita Mobile Armenia
     Ara Yaghjyan

Cellular Media Service has been working on the VAS mobile services market since 2002. Our company specializes in interactive TV projects and faces serious traffic in peak hours. We generate traffic of about 1 million incoming to 5 million outgoing SMS messages per month. At the beginning of 2009 we decided to shift the transport part of the current system to a new platform and trust its support to an external company. WINGS became the supplier of the platform and the technology partner providing support to the system. During our partnership WINGS approved itself as an expert in commissioning and start up of transport systems and in support of the connections with mobile operators. Due to the specialists from WINGS we got rid of all technical problems connected with SMPP-protocols and possible changes in the operators requirements as well as peak traffic. Cellular Media Service is ready to recommend WINGS as a reliable technical partner always providing first line technical support.

     CEO Cellular Media Service LLC
     Yaroslav A. Filatov

Premium Mobile has been using WINGS platform since 2006 for providing mobile services in Russia and 9 CIS countries and Baltic states. Among our companys customers connected to WINGS platform are big corporations, banks and TV channels as well as small companies (more than 15000 partners use the automated partner system SMS Partner).

For these four years WINGS platform has proved its high productivity (during peak traffic days the platform served the traffic of up to 1 million messages per day), flexibility and high potential for development (the platform enables to easily implement new services, correct billing and etc.).

WINGS provides our company with full technical support, immediately responds to all problems concerning the platform support, commissioning and start up of the connections with the operators and the partners, develops new projects (for instance, partner system SMS Partner was developed for us) and improves current services, provides server monitoring and administering services. WINGS is our trusted technical partner.

     Executive Director Premium Mobile LLC
     Zhupanov A.A.

Entering the already established VAS market of Ukraine in 2007 we placed our bets on offering simple and convenient content consumption channel. The idea of SMS- and voice services integration lies in the core of 1.ua portal, being launched.

Among considered vendors of solutions for content-providers only WINGS Company offered us an integrated solution enabling to use various communication channels: IVR, SMS, MMS, WAP etc.

The audience of Ukrainian media channels, especially the audience of STB TV channel is the target audience of our portal. So the platform is supposed to be working at high peak load.

Target audience Our portal is aimed at the audience of Ukrainian media channels, especially at STB TV channel audience so the platform is supposed to be working at high peak load. Now the portal can handle up to 300 simultaneous calls. The architecture of WINGS platform is flexible and distributed. It enables to scale up the system easily by adding new servers when necessary.

The lions share of informational and entertainment content of our portal should be daily updated. During the platform deployment WINGS specialists implemented an automatic content retrieval and import into the system directly from WEB-sites partners of the project. We are grateful to WINGS specialists for taking into account all functional requirements to portal systems. We are completely satisfied with the results.

From the very beginning of cooperation WINGS became our technological partner supporting our initiatives and helping to solve nonstandard tasks.

     CEO New Media Projects LLC
     Chernev E.V.


During 2006-2007 JV International business alliance (JV IBA) successfully collaborates with WINGS developer of a technological platform for content-providers. Being the leading system integrator in Belarus, IBA has deployed the WINGS Communication Server platform WINGSs solution for its customers. According to customers requirements IBA implemented mobile services on WINGS platform and provides full technical support.

We should note the benefits of the WINGS Communication Server platform its open and scalable architecture and easy integration with any customer information system.

Moreover, flexibility and ease of custom mobile services development are distinctive features of the platform. Due to these competitive benefits WINGSs solution stands out in the IT solutions market. IBA appreciates WINGSs solution and is ready to recommend it to any interested party.

     With regards,
     Software development deputy director
     V.U. Nikulenko

"Interactive Media" (Kazakhstan) is an interactive mobile services provider and owner of the unique entertainment TV channel, PlayTV.

In late February 2007 we started deployment of WINGS Communication Server platform in our company. In the mid-March the very important national SMS-voting for SUPERSTAR.KZ mega-project of Kazakh television (being the 15th project in the world produced by the Pop Idol license) was implemented on the platform. The platform provided the performance of 200 SMS per second.

The "WINGS" company revealed itself as a reliable and effective partner. In connection with the responsibility of event, as well as time limit for voting launch, and training of our staff, WINGS company undertook all the technical work for the first SMS-voting of SUPERSTAR.KZ contest. In parallel, our technical staff was trained and gradually moved to the autonomous work. By facilitating an early launch of the project, all connections with operators have been tested by specialists of "WINGS" on their own equipment.

We are satisfied with WINGSs platform acquisition. We found a partner enabling us to grow in many directions. We became an aggregator and connect other content-providers to the platform. In the near future, we plan to acquire a voice component of WINGSs platform and diversify our services with voice services.

     Aset Tusunbaev

"Europa" media group has been working in Kyrgyzstan since 1996. Our company is broadcasting "MTV Russia" TV channel and Europa+ radio stations programs in Kyrgyzstan. It owns Kyrgyzstan Obonduru and Russkaya Volna radio stations and releases Novosti.kg- hot news from Kyrgyzstan.

In 2005, in order to set up connection with TV and radio audience and raise their interest in the activities taking place in the studio, WINGS Communication Server was installed to provide value added mobile services. Platform installation has met all our expectations. In addition to delivering multimedia content to subscribers, the platform enables to arrange daily online SMS-surveys and quizzes that can be moderated and monitored directly from the studio by TV and radio hosts. With the platform installation we became the first domestic company in Kyrgyzstan specialized on interactive SMS support of TV and radio programs. It gave us opportunities for third-party TV and radio companies aggregation.

Wed like to thank the professionals from WINGS Software House for their willingness, friendly attitude and attention to the specific requirements of our company. We are pleased to work with the professionals of the WINGS Software House and were planning to expand our cooperation, particularly in the sphere of voice services.

With Regards,

     A. Bekirov
     President of Europa media group.


In 2006 JSC Teleportal.ru was making decision on the choice of appropriate provider of technological platform for Spartak football clubs Spartak-mobile project. The range of mobile services, interesting club fans and the football fans is quite broad. Considering the dynamic changes in the football world and the necessity of prompt reaction to the needs of the audience, our task was to choose a flexible platform for the content-providers which would be for us a platform for development. Our choice was the WINGS Communication Server. The main factors to influence our decision were: simple configuration of the system, professional and technical solution, user-friendly interface, modularity and upgradeability, opportunity to develop new services, and successful application history. We are satisfied with our choice. 

During our cooperation we were more than convinced in the professionalism and prompt work of the companys staff. Our intention to prolong the cooperation with WINGS Software House is based on the professional support of the platform and easygoing communication with its staff. The occurring issues are discussed and solved quickly and efficiently. 

     K.P. Bogdanov
     Technical Director

Premium Mobile is providing mobile services to the Russian audience of Eurosport channel. In 2006 was made a decision to switch from its own mobile services providing system to WINGS Communication Server. With regard to the professional staff of WINGS Software House and high technical characteristics of WINGS Communication Server, the transfer was harmless for the existing services and with no interruptions.

We consider WINGS Software House a company of highly qualified developers and professionals in the VAS sphere. The company develops highly demanded products.

Premium Mobile is ready to recommend the company as a reliable and responsible business partner.

     D.M Pribish 
     General Director of
     Premium Mobile

SL Merkamobil SA de CV

Dear Sir,

On behalf of SL Merkamobil, I would like to express sincere appreciation to WINGS Software House for the long term mutually beneficial cooperation in valued-added services.

I would especially like to note that WINGS VAS platform was implemented within a very short period allowing us to start operations very quickly. Migration from old platform was also performed without disruption of existing services.

High quality professional support and consulting services of WINGS Software House together with vast functionality, extreme flexibility and reliability of delivered WINGS Solutions, help us to become one of largest content providers in Mexico.

Our collaboration experience proved you are a reliable technological partner, value-added experts company, continuously improving its products to meet quickly changing market demands.

Our special thanks to your technical support service.

We are looking forward to further collaboration.

     Yours sincerely,
     Sergio A. Sheridan
     SL Merkamobil SA de CV


Mobiliti is grateful to the specialists of WINGS Software House for the professional approach to their work. Our special thanks to the deployment team for the individual approach and understanding of the tasks and purposes of our company.

During the whole deployment process of WINGS Communication Server and implementation of our mobile project we received prompt and qualified consulting. As a base platform for providing mobile services WINGS Communication Server fully conforms to the needs of our company now and gives a space for further development.

Currently were discussing the possibility to expand our cooperation with WINGS Software House in the area of mobile services.

     S.N. Shevelev
     General Director of Mobility LLC