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For Mobile Operators

Happy Birthday Traffic Generator

The main point of the service is the following: the subscriber’s colleagues, relatives and friends receive an SMS “Today is Mr Smiths birthday, his number is +79162434455, do not forget to congratulate him! Send him an original greeting by calling 0977". The subscribers call the mentioned number, send SMS and MMS with greetings and order VAS services for an original greeting. The birthday person sends a reply SMS, makes reply calls and etc.

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SMS Mega Promo

SMS Mega Promo is an interactive SMS contest (a quiz game or a promotional lottery) under Operators brand with a bright attractive advertisement in press, radio and television with quality bulk SMS from Operator, the main prize is a car - BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, the prize of the day – valuables souvenirs, duration 40-90 days, cooperation on a revenue sharing term.



With WINGS SMS2Voice, mobile network subscribers can send SMS messages to fixed-line phones, answering machines and faxes. Text messages are delivered from a mobile to a fixed-line phone through text conversion of an SMS into a voice message.

For the moment, exchange of SMS messages is a popular and widespread method of communication between mobile” users. WINGS SMS2Voice is a convergent service expanding SMS capabilities and attracting additional users represented by fixed-line phone subscribers. Sending of SMS messages still remains as easy as usual.



WINGS Email2Voice is a patented carrier-class product providing mobile communication subscribers with access to email at any time and place, as well as from any phone. There is no need to install any extra software or deploy any customized set-up of the phone. Email access is provided through a voice interface managed by a mobile phone keypad.


Voice SMS

WINGS Voice SMS enables mobile network subscribers to exchange short messages using the most convenient instrument - their own voice. In order to send a message, a mobile network subscriber dials on his mobile phone a receiver's number but unlike a common number he puts at the beginning # symbol and presses the call sending button. For example, #79876543210 . Further the subscriber is offered to record and send a voice message to the receiver.


USSD Center

WINGS USSD Center is a carrier-class solution for USSD technology based services. The solution consists of two independent components which can be delivered together as well as separately:

  • USSD Gateway transmits USSD messages from the Operator's Network into USSD application (particularly, into WINGS USSD Portal) and back. It is intended for mobile network operators.
  • USSD Portal arranges environment for processing logic of USSD services. It is intended for fast building and running of USSD-portals for mobile subscribers as well as for mobile network operators and content/service providers.

Social Marketing Suite

WINGS Social Marketing Suite is an innovative product enabling to build operators social network based on calls and messages between subscribers. Social network building is carried out on the basis of processing and analyzing of CDR-files from the operators commutator.

WINGS Social Marketing Suite constantly analyzes the operators network and builds a current profile (sex, sociability, influence level, interests and etc.) of each subscriber. The subscribers group according to certain profile characteristics to carry various marketing actions.


WINGS Recharge Platform

WINGS recharge platform is a high performance and flexible electronic recharge solution enabling prepaid vouchers distribution/management and PIN less recharge via POS terminals or computers.