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For Aggregators

WINGS Platform

WINGS platform enables:

  • to connect external providers by HTTP protocols (synchronous, asynchronous) and SMPP;
  • to manage partner connections through WEB interface;
  • to moderate automatically the text messages sent by subscribers;
  • to define fraud by means of an intellectual mechanism;
  • to monitor links with operators and providers on-line;
  • to carry out financial accounts with external providers.
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USSD Portal

USSD Portal solution is meant for building and starting up USSD portals for GSM standard mobile subscribers. The solution also enables to aggregate USSD traffic, i.e. allocate parts of USSD portal to external providers and send traffic from a subscriber to a provider and backwards.

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SMS Billing Solution

WINGS offers a readymade platform for implementation, startup and organization of SMS billing that enables to become a full-fledged aggregator of mobile payments. The solution includes all necessary components for startup and further business expansion. It is characterized by high reliability and performance; it has an automated partner program, different ways of connecting partners, a ready WEB site with a powerful management system. WINGS provides his customers with comprehensive consulting at all stages of the project.

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Solution for bulk SMS providers

WINGS solution for bulk SMS providers:

  • offers all popular interfaces for connection and bulk SMS to external customers: SMPP, HTTP, XML, SOAP, SMTP, POP3, JMS, JAVA, .NET, DB API and etc.;
  • contains multiuser bulk portal with different access levels, sending quotas of a certain amount of messages and etc.;
  • has a common interface for statistics review and client control;
  • has adjustable anti-spam filters and filters for duplicate messages;
  • supports most SMS transfer protocols: SMPP, UCP, CIMD, SS7/MAP, HTTP(S), SMTP;
  • distributes automatically the traffic among channels depending on the loading level of the channel, delivery speed, message priority, delivery cost and other criteria.
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