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For Mobile Operators

Social Marketing Suite

WINGS Social Marketing Suite is an innovative product enabling to build operators social network based on calls and messages between subscribers. Social network building is carried out on the basis of processing and analyzing of CDR-files from the operators commutator.

WINGS Social Marketing Suite constantly analyzes the operators network and builds a current profile (sex, sociability, influence level, interests and etc.) of each subscriber. The subscribers group according to certain profile characteristics to carry various marketing actions.

USSD Center

WINGS USSD Center is a carrier-class solution for USSD technology based services. The solution consists of two independent components which can be delivered together as well as separately:

  • USSD Gateway transmits USSD messages from the Operator's Network into USSD application (particularly, into WINGS USSD Portal) and back. It is intended for mobile network operators.
  • USSD Portal arranges environment for processing logic of USSD services. It is intended for fast building and running of USSD-portals for mobile subscribers as well as for mobile network operators and content/service providers.

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For Content and Service Providers

WINGS Platform

WINGS Platform is a solution for developing and providing mobile services based on SMS, IVR, WAP, MMS, USSD, J2ME technologies meant for automation system of content and service providers and aggregators.


WINGS has a long-term experience in implementing of different voice projects and services for Customers based on its own industrial WINGS platform. IVR-platform has a constantly expandable set of voice solutions (services) ready for run and it also gives wide scope for creating and implementing of new voice services.

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For Aggregators

SMS Billing Solution

WINGS offers a readymade platform for implementation, startup and organization of SMS billing that enables to become a full-fledged aggregator of mobile payments. The solution includes all necessary components for startup and further business expansion. It is characterized by high reliability and performance; it has an automated partner program, different ways of connecting partners, a ready WEB site with a powerful management system. WINGS provides his customers with comprehensive consulting at all stages of the project.

Solution for bulk SMS providers

WINGS solution for bulk SMS providers:

  • offers all popular interfaces for connection and bulk SMS to external customers: SMPP, HTTP, XML, SOAP, SMTP, POP3, JMS, JAVA, .NET, DB API and etc.;
  • contains multiuser bulk portal with different access levels, sending quotas of a certain amount of messages and etc.;
  • has a common interface for statistics review and client control;
  • has adjustable anti-spam filters and filters for duplicate messages;
  • supports most SMS transfer protocols: SMPP, UCP, CIMD, SS7/MAP, HTTP(S), SMTP;
  • distributes automatically the traffic among channels depending on the loading level of the channel, delivery speed, message priority, delivery cost and other criteria.

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For Banks

Notification Server of Bank Customers

WINGS notification server provides a single bank-wide interface for interaction with current and potential customers through different communication channels: SMS, calls (with speech synthesis support from the text), faxes, email, MMS.

Industrial SMS Gateway for a Bank

Nowadays in the market there are a lot of SMS providers offering SMS delivery services on subscribers phones. However it is not rare that SMS providers links are disconnected and as a result delivery time can increase up to several hours, providers gateways are not always able to cope with peak traffic. Herewith banks have emergency messages and in this case delay is inadmissible. So, in order to guarantee the required work level of SMS services it is necessary to take a number of measures:

  • to control quality level of SMS providers and get notification messages in case of problems;
  • to have standby channels for message delivery and in case of problems to switch to them automatically;
  • to choose a channel according to a message priority;
  • to balance traffic load among different channels.

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For Advertising Agencies


Digital Signage is a modern way of displaying advertisement or any other digital content on the screens installed in shops, restaurants, airports and other places. It enables to communicate well and easlily any information to the audience.

Bulk SMS

The solution is a software system which can be located either on customers equipment or on WINGS own servers. After installation the solution connects to the systems of different operators and/or SMS providers (at the customers choice, or upon references from WINGS). The intellectual system chooses a sending channel for each SMS according to channel workload, cost and communication priority. Thus, a customer gets his own independent bulk SMS system with the alternative to build his own reseller network.

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For Business

WINGS Notification Server

WINGS notification server provides a single interface for interaction with current and potential customers through different communication channels: SMS, calls (with speech synthesis support from the text), faxes, email, MMS.

Bulk Calls

WINGS Bulk Calls enables to carry out campaigns of mass outgoing calls (telemarketing). Main objectives: operation optimization of contact centers (operator reservation, dialing clients and connecting the operator only with interested clients) and automation of personalized communications with current and potential clients (automated intellectual bulk calls without call center operators).

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