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11.06.2009 Service provider Sotovy Media Service transfers to WINGS platform and uses it as a transportation system

Sotovy Media Service (SMS Media trademark), a service provider specializing in interactive TV projects and dating services that in 2009 has serviced a monthly traffic of 1 million incoming and 3 million outgoing messages, has replaced the transportation part of the existing system with the WINGS commercial platform. Implementation of the WINGS platform into the existing infrastructure did not affect the solution used by the provider and was performed without service interruption.

15.05.2009 Nikita Mobile (Armenia) transfers to WINGS platform for content providers

Nikita Mobile (Armenia), a member of the Nikita Group, has transferred a part of its SMS services, including aggregator SMS traffic, to the WINGS platform. WINGS will provide more productive and stable functioning of SMS services.

13.04.2009 Over 300 copies of a mobile magazine were distributed during a football match

There are distributed over 300 copies of a mobile magazine Omni Journal Mobile to the fans hand-sets by two transmitters WINGS BlueCell  at the football match in Tomsk-city.

30.12.2008 RBT, WAP Click, IVR, and SMS services: Mobisky migrates to WINGS content provider platform

Mobisky, an Azerbaijanian aggregator and content provider, has launched RBT, SMS, IVR, WAP services and SMS aggregation services on the basis of the WINGS platform. The WINGS Company, the developer of the platform, has taken over the full technological outsourcing of the project.

24.07.2008 Nikita Mobile (Armenia) chooses WINGS marketing platform and launches transmission at Film Festival Golden Apricot

At the 5th Yerevan International Film Festival Golden Apricot, the Nikita Mobile company (Armenia) organized transmission of the festivals film trailers and mobile tickets with the help of WINGS BlueCell.

31.03.2008 Global MA deploys WINGS content provider platform

GlobalMA company, a member of MediaArtsGroup, a leading marketing and advertising Russian holding, set into commercial operation the WINGS technological platform for rendering mobile services. The migration was completed within the shortest possible period of 4 weeks. The expected platform processing is about 9 million incoming SMS messages a month.

14.12.2007 VTB 24 Bank deploys WINGS Mobile service delivery platform

The VTB 24 bank has started implementation of the technological platform for rendering WINGS mobile services. The WINGS platform will be used as a single gateway for sending SMS messages by means of different informational systems of the bank, including the Telebank remote servicing system. Specialists of different structural subdivisions will get access to the multi-user SMS mailing portal by the WINGS platform. The bank employees with access to the service will be able to perform SMS mailings to the customers of their respective subdivisions.

28.11.2007 Laika M?bile Connectivity (member of Laika Media Group, Finland) introduces the Russian platform for content-providers WINGS

WINGS and Laika Mobile Connectivity (member of Laika Media Group, Finland) signed an agreement on the introduction of WINGS technological platform for content-providers. The platform will be used as an aggregation solution.

21.06.2007 WINGS is on the new spiral of innovations

WINGS Company presents the new opportunities of  WINGS Communication Server, a solution for mobile services delivery on the MOCO-2007 Forum (The Mobile Content Forum)

26.02.2007 WINGS Communication Server platform will provide processing of SMS-votes of the TV- audience with the peak load of 200 SMS per second for SUPERSTAR.KZ - the national project of Kazakh television, produced by the Pop Idol license.

In late February Interactive Media (Kazakhstan) and WINGS Software House (Russia) companies signed a contract for the implementation of WINGS Communication Server platform for SUPERSTAR.KZ.- the mega- project of national Kazakh television. The commercial operation of the platform will start on 17 March this year, alongside with the final tour of the contest. According to the contract the platform will process SMS-votes of TV- audience at the speed of 200 SMS per second.

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