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Bulk Calls – the system of mass calls

WINGS Bulk Calls enables to carry out campaigns of mass outgoing calls (telemarketing).

Main objectives: operation optimization of contact centers (operator reservation, dialing clients and connecting the operator only with interested clients) and automation of personalized communications with current and potential clients (automated intellectual bulk calls without call center operators).


  • sending out of tombstone ads;
  • reminding of oncoming payments including amount and date;
  • operation optimization of a contact center, connection with the consultant only in case of successful dialing to the subscriber;
  • providing marketing events;
  • updating client database;
  • automated data polling and questionnaire;
  • client greetings;
  • surveying of consumers' preferences and loyalty;
  • gathering opinions and references and etc.


  • reducing expenses on direct marketing;
  • voice messages enable to accentuate the message and highlight emotions unlike text messages (SMS, Email);
  • an incoming call will hardly be ignored unlike SMS and Email;
  • more interactivity unlike SMS and Email send out: a client can control the call by means of his phone buttons or voice commands and hear simultaneously the system reaction;
  • the most efficient channel for automated data polling and questionnaire;
  • error excluding in replay unlike a man;
  • the automated system can repeat information an unlimited number of times without any signs of irritation in a voice;
  • when using the speech synthesis there is no need to record the speaker beforehand; information can be gathered dynamically from different sources (DB, HTTP and etc.) and voice messages will be synthesized "on fly";
  • using speech recognition discounts nearly all differences between a call center operator and "a robotic device".

The solution is for:

  • line operators;
  • banks;
  • collection agencies;
  • insurance and energy companies;
  • marketing agencies.

Ways of acquisition:

  • buying the solution
  • companies not needing their own solution are offered to use it on demand (lease the solution on WINGS equipment, further it is possible to buy and transfer the system on the customer's equipment).

Key Characteristics:

  • support of voice protocols, interfaces: SIP, H.323, ISDN PRI, SS7;
  • support of voice cards from different vendors: Dialogic, Digium, Sangoma;
  • possibility to integrate with Avaya, Genesys;
  • support of speech recognition and synthesis technologies from all leading vendors: Nuance, Acapella, Loquendo, Speech Technologies Center, Vocative; MRCP v1, v2 support;
  • support of fax, autoanswer and ANI definition; set up system behavior: recording messages on autoanswer, sending faxes, starting up a call scenario only if a person answered the call.
  • instead of a static voice message a client can listen to a full-featured IVR menu of any complexity (navigation, file and text reproduction, call forwarding and etc.); a graphic editor is provided to create an IVR menu;
  • guaranteed voice message delivery to the client, delivery tracking and getting feedback;
  • bulk call strategies support: a number of re-dialing; timeslots of recalls depending on the result of the call; order of dialing the clients' numbers and etc.;
  • different dialing modes: predictive, progressive, preview, IVR;
  • "blacklist" support - lists of subscribers not to be called;
  • call and campaign priority;
  • time schedule support;
  • regulation of dialing speed to control traffic load on call centers;
  • possibility of automated load balancing of outgoing calls;
  • consideration of lag time;
  • call forwarding, for instance, to the call center operator;
  • clients' messages recording;
  • forming and sending of personalized messages;
  • flexible bulk call scheme: dialing to the client's first number, in case of failure, dialing the second number and etc. (a client can have several numbers in an address book, an order of dialing each client's numbers is defined);
  • import of send out lists from text files, automated download of lists for dialing from DB, CRM and other external sources;
  • automated correction of lists for dialing according to work results (for instance, excluding faxes);
  • availability of high-level API for send out control (to add subscribers, to prepare send out, to get statistics and etc.);
  • fast integration with external systems, support of the following ways: SOAP, XML-RPC, REST, XML over HTTP, HTTP GET/POST, POP3, SMTP, JDBC, file exchange;
  • possibility to use other message delivery channels (SMS, Fax, Email, IM and etc.);
  • a full list of statistic reports, online statistics, graphics, sending statistics by Email, statistics uploading to external formats;
  • the solution enables to organize isolated access to the system for external companies (quota for bulk calls, statistics on own calls and etc.);
  • adaptive CDR generation.