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Happy Birthday Traffic Generator

The main point of the service is the following: the subscribers colleagues, relatives and friends receive an SMS Today is Mr Smiths birthday, his number is +79162434455, do not forget to congratulate him! Send him an original greeting by calling 0977". The subscribers call the mentioned number, send SMS and MMS with greetings and order VAS services for an original greeting. The birthday person sends a reply SMS, makes reply calls and etc.

The birthday reminder generates an additional traffic (voice, SMS) so long as:

  • fewer than all remember the birthday of the people they contact (they need a reminder);
  • fewer than all know the birthday of the people they contact;
  • SMS reminder encourages the subscriber to send a greeting by using mobile network (call, SMS, voice card and etc.) instead of sending an email or ICQ message since they need only to press one button to greet via mobile network;
  • the subscriber can use premium services for congratulations.

The system analyses communications between subscribers and sends reminder to the friends of the birthday person who is subscribed to this service (it is free for the subscriber). The system gets communication data between subscribers due to processing and analyzing of CDR-files from the operators switch.

The implementation of this service will enable the operator:

  1. to get high extra income;
  2. to provide subscribers with a free, pleasant (greetings from friends and the operator) and original service;
  3. to increase the subscribers' loyalty.

According to our experience of implementing this service:

  • service penetration reaches up to 20 % of the active subscriber database during 12 months;
  • subscribers are extremely loyal to this service:
    • utterly low percent of unsubscriptions: less than 0,5% from the total number of subscribers;
    • high percent of subscribing to the service not depending on age;
    • gratitude from subscribers.

Attention! This service is a patented product of WINGS. The patent of the Russian Federation for a utility model 89737 is received. The patent application 2009128429 for patent for an invention is sent for pending to Rospatent (Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks). The invention and the utility model have one priority date 23.07.2009. An international application is filed according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) followed by its adaptation to the national stage in a number of countries. Now therefore fair use of this service is possible only by making a contract with WINGS.