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With WINGS SMS2Voice, mobile network subscribers can send SMS messages to fixed-line phones, answering machines and faxes. Text messages are delivered from a mobile to a fixed-line phone through text conversion of an SMS into a voice message.

For the moment, exchange of SMS messages is a popular and widespread method of communication between mobile users. WINGS SMS2Voice is a convergent service expanding SMS capabilities and attracting additional users represented by fixed-line phone subscribers. Sending of SMS messages still remains as easy as usual.

SMS2Voice service is an enlarged version of a familiar SMS exchange. It can be used in the following situations:

  • sending messages to aged people and to people with impaired vision;
  • landline phone number is busy and it is not possible to get through;
  • guaranteed intercity message delivery, no need to get through (the number is busy, nobody is at home and etc.);
  • message transfer in the original format (owing to an innovative service), for example: congratulations, invitations, memos.
  • information is not urgent, however, the sender must be sure that the recipient will get it.

How does it work?

The mobile network subscriber sends an SMS where specifies as a recipient a fixed line number. The operators SMS centre forwards such kinds of SMS to SMS2Voice service server.

The system receives the SMS, converts the text message into the voice message and calls to the fixed-line phone number specified as a recipient.

The fixed-line recipient answers the call and listens to the voice menu managed with the help of telephone buttons where he can listen again the message and can also send a reply message.

If for some reason SMS is not delivered to the fixed-line phone number, the system redials the number. The redelivery mechanism changes depending on the reason of non-delivery.

Service advantages

  • there is no difference in sending SMS to the fixed-line number or to the mobile phone number;
  • receiving SMS on the fixed-line number is easier than on the mobile phone number, you just need to take the receiver and listen to the message, for reply you have to press the telephone button and voice the answer.
  • message delivery is guaranteed: if the recipient did not listen to message, the call is repeated.
  • you can send SMS to the landline phone number even at night, you do not have to worry that the recipient is asleep as the system will call only in the morning.

Benefits for the operators

  • Increase in the average revenue per user (ARPU):
    • SMS traffic growth;
    • voice traffic gain due to response message listening;
    • charging of already existing error traffic (when SMS is sent to the landline number by mistake);
    • possibility of advertising included into messages and calls.
  • Simple and affordable service for the subscribers.
  • Loyalty of the existing customers. Advanced capabilities of sending SMS messages will be regularly used by the subscribers.
  • Competitive advantage. Additional features of sending SMS messages will attract new subscribers.
  • Increase of the service value for the subscribers.
  • Rapid deployment of the new FMC service.
  • Ability to use the most favorable business-model:
    • purchase of the solution;
    • cooperation on revenue sharing terms.

Key capabilities

  • The specialty of the solution is high quality of speech synthesis.
  • Identification of the language of the SMS message and generation of voice messages using the necessary language. Support of many languages. Transliteration tool support.
  • SMS sending to a fax. If a recipient has a fax installed at his phone number, SMS can be sent as a facsimile message.
  • Filtration of spam messages or messages containing offensive language or advertisement (the sender receives a delivery failure message).
  • SMS sending to an answering machine. SMS text can be received by an answering machine in the form of a voice message.
  • SMS messages are delivered only at daytime depending on the recipient's time zone
  • Possibility of setting special processing features by the sender's mask of DEF-codes.
  • Subscribers of fixed-line phones are guaranteed to receive all messages due to a flexible technique of recurrent delivery.
  • Notice on delivery status through SMS notifications to the sender.
  • Customized CDR generation.

Technological benefits

  • WINGS SMS2Voice solution is powered by a highly reliable commercial WINGS VAS platform. Its unique flexibility enables quick deployment and does not require any modification in the carrier's infrastructure.
  • The solution is customized and managed through a protected WEB-interface supporting filters for incoming traffic, dial-up profile configuration and various setup modes according to the carrier's requirements.
  • The solution may be customized subject to the customer's individual requirements and integration with all the necessary systems.
  • The system offers a wide range of ready-made statistical reports, containing data on key performance indicators (KPI), message distribution and voice traffic in various sectors and so on. The technologies used allow for quick addition of new statistical reports satisfying any kinds of requirements.
  • Easy deployment of the solution for test operation excludes the need for equipment or software purchasing.

Fast start

If you become interested in the solution we offer you to start the service fast with minimum labor inputs. Only two things are required from the operator:

  • To allocate connection to SMS centre and to customize forwarding SMS sent to landline numbers to SMS2Voice service server located on our site.
  • To hold activities to promote the service in your network.

All SMS processing will be provided by our specialists including call grounding to the landline number. Herein the service is absolutely transparent for the subscriber. The subscriber sends a usual SMS but specifies fixed-line number as a recipient, for instance +74952254409. Hereafter the operators SMS centre sends the SMS to SMS2Voice server, where the message is processed and is converted from text to voice message and the call is made to the fixed-line number.