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Social Marketing Suite

WINGS Social Marketing Suite is an innovative product enabling to build operators social network based on calls and messages between subscribers. Social network building is carried out on the basis of processing and analyzing of CDR-files from the operators commutator.

WINGS Social Marketing Suite constantly analyzes the operators network and builds a current profile (sex, sociability, influence level, interests and etc.) of each subscriber. The subscribers group according to certain profile characteristics to carry various marketing actions.

Marketing possibilities of WINGS solution:

  • promotion of products in the operator's social network via virus marketing;
  • attraction of new subscribers;
  • prevention of subscriber attrition;
  • advertisement in a social network.

Identification of "Alfa-subscribers" in Social Networks

WINGS Social Marketing Suite enables to select Alfa-subscribers and their friends, identify their interests and carry interest-oriented marketing campaigns.

Alfa-subscribers are influential subscribers with considerable connections in a social network. They are central persons in a social network; their identification is one of the core tasks of network analysis. With the aid of Alfa-subscribers it is possible to organize efficient marketing actions with virus effect of information distribution.

Alfa-subscribers as all people have their own interests and preferences. The more an Alfa-subscriber is interested in this or that product the more is its virus effect.

Operators often carry actions aimed to attract new subscribers, for example, Refer-a-friend and get 500 free minutes, and thus they attract subscribers of other networks. The efficiency of such campaigns can be increased through influence on Alfa-subscribers who have a lot of connections with other network subscribers.

One of the problems for an operator can be Alfa-subscriber attrition to another network. This attrition can be dangerous as Alfa-subscribers can carry their friends and acquaintances along with them. Properly carried campaigns can help to keep Alfa-subscribers and reduce subscriber attrition.

On the basis of WINGS Social Marketing Suite a mobile network operator can build his own advertising ground as, for example, Google AdWords: the solution identifies a subscribers interests from his profile and provides an advertisement corresponding to his interests.