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Solution for bulk SMS providers

WINGS offers a ready solution for bulk SMS providing high level of reliability and productivity. The solution is supplied with intuitive user WEB interface and a variety of program interfaces which secures easy integration with any IT infrastructure.

The solution is a software system which can be located either on customer's equipment or on WINGS own servers. After installation the solution connects to the systems of different operators and/or SMS providers (at the customer's choice, or upon references from WINGS). The intellectual system chooses a sending channel for each SMS according to channel workload, cost and communication priority. Thus, a customer gets his own independent bulk SMS system with the alternative to build his own reseller network.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Independence from an SMS provider (an SMS gateway), ability of flexible traffic distribution among different SMS providers, ability to choose the fastest and the cheapest route for SMS;
  • A ready-made solution with a site and a personal cabinet, an ability to build own network of partners or resellers;
  • Independent control over clients, their traffic and billing;
  • Less risk of losing target clients due to the availability of own platform;
  • We do not work with target clients, we are not SMS providers and we do not compete with our customers;
  • WINGS can be a technical partner and follow out the whole start up process with SMS gateways and partners;
  • Ability to use a carrier-class solution on reasonable price;
  • Ability to have own platform without buying equipment: it is possible to start working on the equipment of WINGS and later make an easy and "transparent" transition to the customer's equipment;
  • Ability not to have technical staff specialists, WINGS offers outsourcing of clients' technical tasks (start-up, administering and etc.) which is especially relevant in the context of crisis;
  • Fast integration with customers' WEB sites; it is possible when the site is located on a customer's equipment while transport part is on WINGS equipment.

Key possibilities:

  • The solution can be used as an aggregation system and provide clients with all popular interfaces for connection and bulk SMS sending: SMPP, HTTP, XML, SOAP, SMTP, POP3, JMS, JAVA, NET, DB API, WEB interface and etc.;
  • To connect to operators and SMS providers the solution supports the following protocols: SMPP, UCP, CIMD, SS7/MAP, HTTP(S), SMTP;
  • Automated message distribution among different channels, proceeding from channel workload, speed of delivery, communication priority, cost of delivery and other criteria;
  • Re-sending of error messages via an alternative channel;
  • Multiuser bulk-portal (different access levels, send quota);
  • Common interface for statistics review and client management;
  • Outgoing traffic filtration by a text message (anti-spam); the system enables to adjust different filters for different partners, operators, gateways and etc.;
  • Locking of repeated messages to one subscriber;
  • Personalized message distribution support; SMS text is build according to general template for each subscriber with possible use of data about subscriber from the address book;
  • WAP-push and Flash-SMS support;
  • Speed adjustment both for the channel and for the separate distribution;
  • Message and distribution prioritizing depending on a user, a text, a sender number and etc.;
  • Automated deletion of unwanted subscribers from the distribution list;
  • Use of two-way communications (in-coming and outgoing SMS);
  • Possibility to enlarge communication channels (MMS, IVR, email, fax and etc.) and to become a unified message provider;
  • The solution is delivered with a full-scale user WEB-interface which enables to administer the system completely:
    • The whole subscriber base is divided into groups, each distribution can be done for one or several subscriber groups;
    • Fast and clear import mechanism of subscriber lists from text files, archives and etc.;
    • Storage of any additional information about a subscriber such as home phone number, fax, email, ICQ, name, date of birth and so on;
    • Availability of black lists, the lists of subscribers who are automatically excluded from distributions;
  • Intuitive wizard for creating an starting up distributions;
  • Simplified interface for a few click distribution;
  • A full list of online reports:
    • Diagrams on each distribution;
    • Detailed statistics on sent messages;
    • Final reports on total number and cost of sent SMS, SMS traffic distribution according to time and so on;
    • Financial statistics
    • Report export via WEB-interface;
  • Possibility to provide a restricted access to the system (for example, only for message distribution and own statistics review) with distribution quota on a certain amount of messages;
  • Basic settings management such as routing and filtering of outgoing messages and etc.

Solution reliability and productivity

The solution is based on WINGS industrial platform and is notable for its high productivity and false tolerance. The platform is build on SOA architecture and consists of independent agents (modules), which interact with each other through queues.

Such architecture enables:

  • To pipe messages: system module takes the message from incoming queue, handles it and puts it into outgoing queue and continues to handle the next message without waiting for the recipient.
  • Supports working efficiency of the whole system if one or several modules fail (the messages are kept in the module incoming queue and can be handled by other module samples);
  • Update and add system modules without interrupting the whole work of the system;
  • Scale the system by adding module samples for handling messages from one incoming queue;
  • To locate module samples on different servers.

The full-fledged solution can connect to the WINGS central monitoring system that provides:

  • Hazard and operability notification via SMS and email;
  • Connection monitoring with operators and gateways;
  • Monitoring and error analysis of SMS delivery;
  • Monitoring of key factors: sending speed, time of delivery and etc.;
  • Equipment load monitoring.