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USSD Center

WINGS USSD Center is a carrier-class solution for USSD technology based services. The solution consists of two independent components which can be delivered together as well as separately:

  • USSD Gateway transmits USSD messages from the Operators Network into USSD application (particularly, into WINGS USSD Portal) and back. It is intended for mobile network operators.
  • USSD Portal arranges environment for processing logic of USSD services. It is intended for fast building and running of USSD-portals for mobile subscribers as well as for mobile network operators and content/service providers.

WINGS in partnership with leading content providers offers turnkey services on creating, implementing and supporting USSD portals for mobile network operators as well as cooperation under revenue sharing terms.

Advantages of USSD technologies over calls and SMS

  • Most people accept visual information better than audio information.
  • USSD works practically on all GSM standard telephones regardless the manufacturer and date of issue;
  • User-friendly: it is easier to send USSD message than to write and send SMS;
  • More interactivity as compared to SMS:
    • a subscriber immediately sees the answer on his phone screen;
    • an organization of easy dialogues for the subscriber (communication sessions);
  • A possibility for portal structure building (that is practically impossible for SMS);
  • USSD portal structure is easily remembered by subscribers;
  • Various billing methods: per-click billing, rating for menu and submenu entering, rating for choosing a specific service, rated MT SMS;
  • Free-of-charge in roaming.

Fault Tolerance and Productivity

  • System modules can work in parallel or in mutual exclusion mode.
  • Automatic switching to standby server in case of failover.
  • No single point of failure.
  • Scaling out.

Key Characteristics

USSD Gateway

  • SS7 and SIGTRAN interfaces to GSM network over MAP;
  • support of USSD Phase 1 and 2 standards;
  • integration with a billing system via Diameter and CAP protocols;
  • flexible routing, based on USSD request parameters;
  • various interfaces for interaction with USSD Portal and external applications: SMPP (v.3.4, 5.0), WEB services;
  • Administering through WEB console;
  • SNMP monitoring;
  • high productivity.

USSD Portal

  • intuitive builder of USSD portals, a wide range of ready built-in services, full-featured emulator for USSD portals testing;
  • free structure and unrestricted USSD menu nesting;
  • wide integration possibilities with external content sources: RSS, HTTP(S), SOAP, DB;
  • USSD traffic aggregation for external providers by SMPP, SOAP, HTTP(S) protocols;
  • WEB interface for managing and administering, various access levels;
  • a possibility to build Multilanguage portals;
  • subscribers' profiles support;
  • integrated reporting;
  • high productivity.


WINGS USSD Gateway is a highly reliable productive gateway for USSD requests routing between operators signal net and external applications, request handlers.

WINGS USSD Portal is an external application processing requests. It can be hosted by operator as well as by provider. Main USSD Portal functions:

  • Building of full-featured USSD-Portal contents: text services, media content, interactive services. RBT;
  • Subscribers self-maintaining through USSD menu: balance checking, service management and etc.;
  • USSD services aggregation: ability to connect external providers for providing content and services due to USSD technology.


Examples of provided services:

WINGS USSD Portal enables content providers and operators to provide any USSD based services:

  • Information and entertaining services by request or subscription (news, horoscopes, stock quotes, weather forecast, anecdotes, greetings and etc.). A mobile subscriber can subscribe for the service using USSD and receive content trough SMS. In this case text content is loaded into the system as scheduled with the aid of integrated RSS loader. A user need only to point the source and set a schedule through WEB interface;
  • Multimedia content catalogue (melodies, ringtones, pictures, themes, videos, games, applications and etc.). The content is chosen and ordered via USSD, the link for content loading is delivered to the subscriber's phone through SMS. It is possible to use the content which already exists in WINGS system and which is already distributed via SMS, IVR and other channels. Also the system can work with the content stored in an external system.
  • RBT catalogue. A subscriber can choose and set RBT via USSD menu. In order to provide this service the system integrates with the operator's RBT platform.
  • Interactive information and entertaining services referring to external sources (flight timetables, utility payments, name coincidence and etc.). For example, a subscriber enters a flight number via USSD menu and sends the request; the system requests to the WEB site of the airport, finds the arrival time and sends this information to the subscriber as a USSD or SMS reply.
  • Quizzes - the system successively sends questions with possible answers to the subscriber who enters and sends the chosen answer number via USSD. Any time the subscriber can check the amount of earned scores and know his rank and etc. It is possible to top up an account automatically;
  • Voting via USSD is an easy alternative to the popular SMS voting. Instead of sending SMS messages to a short number a subscriber can execute a simple USSD command, for example, *123*1# in order to vote for participant ¹1 or *123*2# to vote for participant ¹2.
  • Prize drawings, micropayments and etc.

Several operator oriented services:

  • Balance checking, notifications to top-up the balance;
  • Top-up with pre-pay cards;
  • Fund transfer to another subscriber's account;
  • USSD banking;
  • Service management, activation/deactivation of services;
  • Mobile plan information, plan changing;
  • "Call me back" and "Top up my account" services;
  • Receiving information on new services, offers, and operator's news;
  • Adding of favorite numbers;
  • Sending out personalized promotional MMS.


USSD Portal enables to act as a USSD traffic aggregator, i.e. to allocate parts of USSD Portal to external partners and send traffic from the subscriber to the partner and back. There are two ways of working with partners.

In the first case the provided services are located in external partner systems. On the subscriber's request to use some service, the platform applies to the partner's system and provides the result to the subscriber (next menu option, content, information, switching to external service and etc.). For the integration with partners the following interfaces are accessible HTTP(s), SOAP, SMPP, SMTP, DB interfaces (direct interaction with database).

In the second case a partner may not have his own system. The partner has a restricted access to the system where he builds independently his own USSD menu branch, adjusts services and adds content.

WINGS USSD Center Advantages:

  • High productivity and reliability of the solution;
  • Flexible architecture enables to add quickly and smoothly new functionality;
  • Solution is constantly developing along with clients' demands;
  • User-friendly: USSD menu building is carried out through intuitive user web-interface;
  • Flexible integration capabilities with different content sources: RSS, HTTP(S), SOAP, DB;
  • Easy and informative statistics, complete list of reports, analytics.