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SMS Mega Promo

SMS Mega Promo is an interactive SMS contest (a quiz game or a promotional lottery) under Operator’s brand with a bright attractive advertisement in press, radio and television with quality bulk SMS from Operator, the main prize is a car - BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, the prize of the day – valuables souvenirs, duration – 40-90 days, cooperation – on a revenue sharing term.

Advantages for Operator:

  • High revenue due to carefully thought up advertisement and contest operation;
  • Co-branding with BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes Benz;
  • Audience extremely interested in the project due to brilliantly presented contest;
  • High-quality advertisement increasing interest to the Operator from the audience;
  • High loyalty from the clients waiting for new contests;
  • Participants' database possible to use for promotional purposes
  • Reliable partner represented by our company with considerable experience in such projects.

As an example, underneath are the results of the campaign provided by our company for one of Azerbaijan operators.

  • quantity of MO SMS during 46 days: 1 660 997;
  • cost of one SMS including taxes: 0,72 USD;
  • quantity of participants: about 7% of subscribers' database;
  • average SMS quantity per participant: 12;
  • revenue excluding expenses on advertisement and prizes: 1 017 000 USD.

Our most powerful instrument to get SMS from participants is SMS content. A unique and interactive system keeps the profile of each participant, tracks demography, behavior and answers of each participant during the whole time of the campaign. Gathering data during the game we create a database of demographic and psycographic characteristics, which we use for communicating with each participant in his/her language and continue till we know all the details about this person; it elates participants and guarantees a long dialogue.

The quiz game consists of interesting questions from the spheres of music, cinema, cartoons, celebrities, sports and etc. "Artificial intelligence" system selects questions and their complexity level personally for each participant.

Advertisement Example: