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IVR platform

WINGS has a long-term experience in implementing of different voice projects and services for Customers based on its own industrial WINGS platform. IVR-platform has a constantly expandable set of voice solutions (services) ready for run and it also gives wide scope for creating and implementing of new voice services.

Advantages of IVR platform Using:

  • Reduction of call processing time by call-centers due to optimal call processing algorithm elaboration;
  • Minimization of the number of unprocessed calls. Due to the interactive menu, customers can get the required information automatically or be connected with the required staff without any over forwarding;
  • Increase in the quality of the call center work (conversation recording, statistics, analytics);
  • Possibility to work with foreign customers. IVR menu has a multilanguage support;
  • Call processing any time, any day of the week. Having called off-hour, the customer can get necessary information automatically, leave a voice message or be connected with on-duty staff;
  • No short beeps in a handset. IVR-platform can process hundreds of simultaneous calls; if all operators are busy, the call is queued up.

Obtaining Variants:

  • IVR-platform purchase;
  • IVR-platform lease on WINGS equipment, later it is possible to purchase and transfer the system on Customer's equipment;
  • cooperation on revenue sharing terms.

Key Features:

  • a set of ready solutions for different business needs;
  • IVR-menu building of any degree of complexity by means of visual constructor;
  • menu navigation via DTMF, voice commands, automated navigation based on call history (duration, action analysis, visited options);
  • possibility to develop voice scenarios in VoiceXML 2.1;
  • multilanguage support;
  • speech recognition and synthesis, MRCP v1, v2 protocol support;
  • outgoing calls and mass campaigns (targeted calls);
  • complete integration with SMS/WAP/MMS/USSD integral parts of WINGS platform;
  • charging on mobile phone account;
  • online statistics, call detail record, final data reporting, IVR traffic analysis, ratings and content orders and etc.;
  • fast integration with external systems;

Solution Advantages:

  • supported voice protocols, interfaces: SIP, H.323, ISDN PRI, SS7;
  • voice card support of different manufacturers: Dialogic, Digium, Sangoma;
  • high reliability and productivity, load balancing between servers, hot reservation support;
  • support of speech synthesis and recognition systems of different manufacturers (Nuance, Acapela, Loquendo, Vocative, Speech Technologies Centre), considerable experience in implementation of such projects;
  • IVR-video support;
  • configurable CDR generation.