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Email has long been used for more than just as a means of person-to-person communication. Today, it is regarded as one of the main communication tools in business environment. In the modern world people would like to stay connected whenever and wherever they are. But with all technical complexities and obstacles of usage, it may be rather difficult to have constant access.

WINGS Email2Voice is a patented carrier-class product providing mobile communication subscribers with access to email at any time and place, as well as from any phone. There is no need to install any extra software or deploy any customized set-up of the phone. Email access is provided through a voice interface managed by a mobile phone keypad.

While you are out of reach, new email messages are delivered through a phone call, enabling you to listen to new and saved messages and to send replies by voice. The subscriber may record a voice message in response. The reply text message will contain a link to the voice response.

Benefits for the subscribers

  • Mobility
    • Quick and easy receipt of letters on the go. Efficient and easy receipt (by listening) of email and responding by voice while away from the office and travelling
    • Email receipt is supported by any mobile phone
    • Enabling/disabling of email functionality of the mobile phone is done by a phone call in a matter of seconds.
    • If you cannot accept a call, the letter can be delivered as a voice mail message.
    • In your spare time, you can dial the service number and listen to your letters.
  • Ease of use
    • Receiving email through WINGS Email2Voice is just as simple as answering a phone call.
    • Email is managed using mobile phone keys.
    • You can leave voice responses to letters received.
  • Flexibility
    • Identification of the email message language and generation of voice messages using necessary language. Support of many languages. Transliteration tool support.
    • Mail collection from one or several email addresses of the user. Support of popular email protocols: POP3, IMAP, SMTP.
    • Mail delivery to one or several telephone numbers.
    • Mail processing rules allow for the receipt of only necessary letters and embrace:
      • mail filtration by the sender, letter subject, and a message body;
      • message delivery through a call to a certain number;
      • SMS notification about a new message receipt;
      • disabling of telephone calls at night and over the weekend depending on the time zone.

Benefits for the operators

  • Increase in an average revenue per user (ARPU):
    • free email letters transform into paid calls and SMS messages;
    • voice traffic increase through an extensive usage of the service by business subscribers;
    • SMS traffic growth;
    • possibility of advertising included into messages and calls
  • Loyalty of the existing customers and attraction of new subscribers from the business sector:
    • consumer appeal of the service for the business environment: daily use of the service by the business sector subscribers;
    • attraction of new customers, among other things by ad inserts into email messages;
    • email will be associated with the mobile carrier.
  • Expansion of range of services in the corporate sector.
  • Simplicity and affordability benefits for the subscribers.
  • Increase in service value for subscribers.
  • Additional competitive advantage.

Technical capabilities and advantages

  • WINGS Email2Voice solution is powered by a highly reliable industrial WINGS VAS platform. Its unique flexibility enables quick deployment and does not require any changes in the carriers infrastructure.
  • The specialty of the solution is high quality of speech synthesis.
  • The solution is set and managed through a protected WEB-interface supporting dial-up profile configuration, management of subscriber accounts and various set-up modes according to the carriers requirements.
  • Flexible client charging and possible integration with an external billing system. Customized CDR generation.
  • Access isolation, data protection and security.
  • Solution may be customized subject to the customers individual requirements and integration with all necessary systems.
  • The system contains a wide range of ready statistical reports, containing data on key performance indicators (KPI), message distribution and voice traffic in various sectors etc..
  • With the technologies employed, youll be able to quickly add new statistical reports satisfying any demands.
  • Easy deployment of the solution for test operation excludes the need for equipment or software purchasing.