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Voice SMS

WINGS Voice SMS enables mobile network subscribers to exchange short messages using the most convenient instrument - their own voice.

In order to send a message, a mobile network subscriber dials on his mobile phone a receiver's number but unlike a common number he puts at the beginning # symbol and presses the call sending button. For example, #79876543210 . Further the subscriber is offered to record and send a voice message to the receiver.

The subscriber gets SMS with an offer to listen to the message by calling the mentioned number. Alternatively, the message can be delivered by an automated call to the subscribers number. After listening to the message the subscriber can send a reply.

SMS service has been popular for a long time and is not going to lose ground in the near future. Voice SMS is a follow-up of a text message service exchange which lacks the main drawbacks of SMS: inconvenience of typing a text on a mobile phone and considerable restrictions on the length of the text. That is why Voice SMS will find an outlet among SMS users whose number is incomparable with that of voice services users.

Advantages of Voice SMS over SMS:

  • maximum convenient message creation;
  • minimum time to send a message;
  • voice message during a few seconds is more informative than SMS message consisting of a few parts.

Advantages for Subscriber:

  • for most subscribers a voice is more preferable that a text as a voice renders feelings and emotions;
  • using voice messages does not depend on the telephone (convenience and keyboard language);
  • it is not necessary to shift attention to the phone in order to create a message;
  • messages can be delivered by an automated call to the receiver's phone which makes easier its "reading";
  • answer to the voice message takes minimum time.

Advantages for Operator:

  • additional income from the service (including from interconnect when listening to messages by other network subscribers);
  • loyalty increase of subscribers;
  • attraction of not loyal to SMS subscribers to voice messages exchange;
  • alternative to a non-popular voice email (if the destination number does not answer or is busy, the caller is offered to send Voice SMS);
  • possibility to choose the most convenient business model:
    • acquisition of the solution;
    • cooperation on revenue sharing terms.

Key Possibilities:

  • sending messages to other networks;
  • different message delivery modes: sending an SMS notification or an automated call to the subscriber's number;
  • using the pull of service numbers for speed listening of received messages;
  • possibility to forward the received message to another subscriber;
  • multilanguage service: the subscriber can choose a service language;
  • blacklists and whitelists subscribers support;
  • flexible integration possibilities with billing, adaptable CDR generation.

Technological Advantages:

WINGS Voice SMS solution is based on a highly reliable industrial WINGS platform. Due to exceptional flexibility of the solution its implementation takes minimum time and does not demand any infrastructure changes from the operator.

The solution has distributed architecture which secures high productivity and enables: scale easily the system by adding module samples, support working capability of the whole system when one or several modules fail, balance loading among modules.

It is possible to customize the solution according to operators individual demands and to secure integration with all necessary systems.

The system provides a wide set of ready statistic reports including data on key performance indicators, traffic distribution in different views, graphics and etc. Used technologies enable to add quickly new statistics reports satisfying any requirements.