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IVR Platform

WINGS has a long-term experience in implementing of different voice projects and services for Customers based on its own industrial WINGS platform. IVR-platform has a constantly expandable set of voice solutions (services) ready for run and it also gives wide scope for creating and implementing of new voice services.

Obtaining Variants:

  • IVR-platform purchase;
  • IVR-platform lease on WINGS equipment, later it is possible to purchase and transfer the system on Customer's equipment;
  • cooperation on revenue sharing terms.

Key Features:

  • a set of ready solutions for different business needs;
  • IVR-menu building of any degree of complexity by means of visual constructor;
  • menu navigation via DTMF, voice commands, automated navigation based on call history (duration, action analysis, visited options);
  • possibility to develop voice scenarios in VoiceXML 2.1;
  • multilanguage support;
  • speech recognition and synthesis, MRCP v1, v2 protocol support;
  • outgoing calls and mass campaigns (targeted calls);
  • complete integration with SMS/WAP/MMS/USSD integral parts of WINGS platform;
  • charging on mobile phone account;
  • online statistics, call detail record, final data reporting, IVR traffic analysis, ratings and content orders and etc.;
  • fast integration with external systems.

Solution Advantages:

  • supported voice protocols, interfaces: SIP, H.323, ISDN PRI, SS7;
  • voice card support of different manufacturers: Dialogic, Digium, Sangoma;
  • high reliability and productivity, load balancing between servers, hot reservation support;
  • support of speech synthesis and recognition systems of different manufacturers (Nuance, Acapela, Loquendo, Vocative, Speech Technologies Centre), considerable experience in implementation of such projects;
  • IVR-video support;
  • configurable CDR generation.

Examples of Common Voice Services:

Musical portal: catalogue navigation, music listening, ordering a musical composition on one's own or another phone, receiving a link by SMS, loading content on a mobile phone through WAP.

Possible supplementing:

  • catalogue navigation via voice commands;
  • composition voice search by the title;
  • composition installation as ringbacktone (integration with RBT systems of mobile operators);
  • other contents selling, for instance, games for mobile phones.

Dating portal: search of new friends and romantic relations. The subscriber registers and leaves his own application form; applications of other participants are available by the following parameters: sex, age, aim of contact and etc. It is possible to leave messages to participants and listen to reply messages, connect with the author of the chosen application form however the participants do not know each other's phone numbers and can exchange them only if they wish so.

Possible supplementing:

  • menu navigation via voice commands;
  • presenting different contents to those whose applications you liked.

Voice ads portal: navigation through a big ads catalogue is possible due to speech recognition, subscribers can publish advertisements ("fill in" an application form by answering the questions of the system with the help of phone buttons) and "browse" ads which are delivered as SMS.

Possible supplementing:

  • "additional order" of ads from the required category by SMS;
  • voice ads recording;
  • playback of text ads by means of speech synthesis technology.

Song as a present: a subscriber calls to the service number, chooses a thematic song, joke or greeting from a celebrity (birthday, 8th of March, 1st of April, New Year and etc.) from the general catalogue, puts recipient's number, delivery time, can even record hello message and sends a present. The present is delivered by a call to the recipient's phone number; later the recipient listens to hello message and presented song.

Fairy children portal: any time a loving parent can call the portal, choose and switch on handsfree talking fairy tale, a story, a poem or a song for his child. The content is divided according to age (under the age of 3 years, from 3 to 5, from 5 to 7 and etc.) so searching is very easy and user-friendly.

TV quiz games: a quizmaster asks a question, audience must reach on the air and give the correct answer. According to selection rules, not all televiewers get on the air. The televiewer who gave the correct answer receives a prize from the channel.

On demand voice consulting services: thematic division by means of IVR-menu, different ways of payment including scratch cards, automated call distribution among consultants depending on their work schedule and availability at the present moment. All conversations with consultants are recorded.

Possible supplementing:

  • for expense minimization, consultants can use program IP-phones.
  • call back order.

IVR karaoke: a subscriber must call the voice menu, choose his favorite song and sing it. The system records the music and the subscriber's voice and sends him SMS with a link to download the record.

Possible supplementing:

  • instead of the link, the message can have a code and short number to order the record;
  • subscriber can "present" his song and mention the recipient's number in voice menu;
  • installation of recorded karaoke as ringbacktone (integration with RBT systems of mobile operators).

Quizes: questions with possible answers are asked, the subscriber gives answers using phone buttons. At the end the system reports the number of gained scores and rating position. Depending on the result money is transferred on the subscriber's mobile phone number (integration with paying systems).

Interactive voice portal for a TV channel or a radio station: news, information on new projects and promo events, trailers, audio segments of popular programs, news record or portal users' comments, discussion of topical issues, meeting and chatting with other fans of the program, channel, or radio station, participation of the portal users in various promo events and contests, voice quizzes "Name That Tune".

Magic portal: horoscopes for life, health, love, prosperity; finding out fate by date of birth; home improvement by Feng Shui; fortunetelling, psychological tests, prediction of events in personal life, career and etc.

Questionnaire: the system initiates independently calls to subscribers' numbers, asks them questions and asks to answer by pressing phone buttons or voice commands. The subscribers who answered the questionnaire get SMS with a link for a free content.

Voice portal for women: beauty personal care advice, cooking recipes, love, everything about pregnancy, intriguing stories by portal users, women humor.

Voice portal for men: best toasts, anecdotes, sports, frank stories.

Portal for students: there are funny stories about students' life, gags and practical joke, student superstitious beliefs, the most original crib notes, oaths and rituals for those who have just became students, various tests.

Voice mobile chat: this service is for dating and chatting. The subscribers can participate in common voice chats or have private chats.

Humor portals: detailed instructions how to play a practical joke on a friend, sending phone gags to friends, best anecdotes and aphorisms, funny sayings of famous people and etc.

Automated outgoing targeted calls: the system initiates calls to subscribers' numbers and reproduces voice information.

Possible supplementing:

  • voice synthesis from the text, forming of personal messages depending on subscriber's data;
  • IVR-menu structured information, call transfer to a contact centre and etc.

Information services: selection of the category: news, weather forecast, TV-program, horoscopes, currency exchange, psychological tests and etc, receiving of inquired information by SMS.

And a lot of other things.