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WINGS Platform Advantages

Ara Yaghjyan
General Director of NIKITA MOBILE (Armenia)

We have been working with WINGS platform for several years. It is worth to highlight the following advantages of the platform:

  1. The platform is very convenient for aggregation and connection of partners by different protocols. If necessary it is possible to add a new protocol.
  2. Work stability, reliability, possibility of full backup, detailed system monitoring and immediate trouble warning.
  3. Positive stability of load operation in different teleprojects. The platform has a sustainable load support; there were no problems during televotings, any delays and waste of traffic. The system is well-scalable (which can be done by just adding servers). It is worth mentioning the high productivity of the platform: there were projects with the traffic of 200 SMS per second in two ways.
  4. The system is not developed randomly and does not consist of several parts as most internal developments, it constitutes a single entity. The vendor created an elaborated, integral and multifunctional system. The platform is built on the basis of SOA-architecture and Java, XML, and Oracle industrial standards; therefore it is easy to add quickly new product scopes. Integration with other information systems is done with minimum labor costs.
  5. Well immediate support of the platform provided by the vendor. Improvement and custom-tailored approach. All work is done quickly and on time.
  6. The platform supplier also offers full outsourcing and platform maintenance which allows us not keeping own technical staff.
  7. Taking into account all particularities of work with our mobile operators.
  8. The platform has been developing for many years and has been forging ahead. New standards and technologies are supported. The most important thing is that the platform remains a single integrated system. It is convenient to have one supplier of the solutions instead of many spill systems.
  9. Flexibility of the system: it is a universal platform for providing additional services, it is a service constructor. We can create new services by ourselves without applying to the vendor.
  10. An immediate round-the-clock response from the service center. In case of any trouble the support service is immediately informed by the system of monitoring. All problems are quickly solved.