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12 Reasons of Shifting to WINGS Platform

  1. A self-written platform turns back business development processes.
    At a certain stage of development of content providers there are some moments when rates of business development depend directly on the technical capacities of the platform: functionality, new services startup rate, scalability, reliability, performance, low exploitation cost and etc. Shifting to WINGS platform will enable to concentrate on the core business and not on the technical moments.
  2. The current platform supports only one transport.
    Practically all platforms of other vendors as well as self-written solutions work to the utmost only with one transport (for instance, only SMS-system or only IVR-system or only USSD-system).
    The implementation of the second platform will have as a consequence much difficulties and inconvenience related to the integration of two crucially different systems. As for the independent implementation of the additional transport, finally it will cost much more than the implementation of a ready solution.
    Having shifted to WINGS platform you can extend the platform any time by necessary transport modules (for instance, to begin with SMS/MMS/WAP, and then add IVR or USSD) and at the same time have a single integrated system.
  3. Dissatisfaction with the transport part of own platform.
    It is the transport part that often becomes the most fragile part of the platform. In this case it is necessary to have a flexible, reliable and productive message router. In such situations we offer to change only the transport part of your system (not interrupting to provide services to the subscribers) and leave all application services on the current platform. Herewith new services can startup both on the old platform and on WINGS platform.
    Refer to detailed implementation description.
  4. Willingness for realization of big projects.
    It is necessary to have a reliable system to realize ambitious VAS-projects. WINGS platform is a carrier-class solution providing high level of reliability and productivity. In particular, our platform is used during SMS-voting for Eurovision Song Contest.
  5. Many successful implementations, longstanding work experience.
    We have a longstanding (since 2003) successful work experience in VAS market which is confirmed by our customer testimonials and reputation on the market.
    WINGS platform has more than 100 implementations in 17 countries of the world (Russia, CIS, Baltic countries, Latin America, Africa, Middle East) and interact directly by different protocols more than to 90 mobile operators.
  6. Reducing of operational costs.
    We offer a global technologic outsourcing for current providers and it is especially relevant amid the financial crisis. The considerable part of our customers does not have their own technical staff and we represent entirely their technical unit. It enables our customers firstly to reduce the platform exploitation cost, secondly, to concentrate fully on business and not to think about technical tasks.
  7. Quick response to market challenges.
    The architecture of the platform enables to forget forever about difficulties related to the startup of new services and integration with external systems. The platform is a constructor enabling to create and start up new services fast and easily. Integration with external information systems (either a system of an aggregator, an operator, a bank or a content provider) is one of the strongest parts of WINGS platform as in the core of it is an integration server.
  8. Reducing dependence on staff.
    A replicated and well-documented solution with different support and training programs from the vendor reduces the risk of the dependence of business on irreplaceable technical staff.
    The possibility to shift the technical support to WINGS outsourcing excludes the risk of partial and complete work lay-off if key technical staff members are ill, absent or inadequate.
  9. Keeping pace with the market.
    We are leaders of the technological platform market and we develop constantly the product scope, support forthcoming new technologies and provide free of charge new product scope in the framework of technical support. We defer to our customers opinion and develop the platform according to the market requirements. It enables our customers to be always in the forefront of technologies and to keep pace with the market.
    The platform includes many services ready to launch, moreover special solutions are also accessible for aggregators, for bulk SMS providers, SMS-billing, USSD-portal and etc.
  10. Absolutely harmless shift to WINGS platform.
    During the last few years we carried out more than twenty shifts to our platform from other vendors platforms and self-written platforms and this is a good indicative. The migration process to our platform is completely worked out and is done without any interruption in providing services to the subscribers. The platform is carefully documented. Different training programs are held for your staff: for users, administrators, programmers. In case of any doubts just contact us.
  11. Possibility to shift low-level transport tasks on the technical partner.
    In the framework of technical support we assume all technical interaction with operators and partners. Our company has a considerable experience with mobile operators. We interact with more than 90 mobile operators in 17 countries regarding connecting, testing and servicing CPA-connections of our clients.
    Yaroslav Filatov, General Director, SMS Media: We work with TV companies and encounter serious traffic load in peak working hours, our system is connected to 35 mobile operators and aggregators. We consider WINGS as a reliable partner having wide and longstanding expertise in commissioning and start up of transport systems, support of the connections with mobile operators, a professional team solving all technical problems regarding SMPP-protocols and possible changes in operators requirements as well as peak traffic. WINGS platform includes very stable, high-capacity transport and this is exactly what we need!
  12. Round-the-clock technical support.
    Different ways of technical support are possible including round-the-clock support. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is negotiated and signed up with the customer.